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Kings College London or Warwick?

aintl4aintl4 2 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
I've been accepted to both KCL and Warwick for business management (N200).
I wanted to know which one should I pick and why.
Thank you.
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Replies to: Kings College London or Warwick?

  • LutherVanLutherVan 151 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    What are the important things to you?

    - Do you want a city or countryside life?

    - Do you want a campus feel?

    - Which country do you plan to work after you graduate?

    - Which country are you from?

    - Is prestige important to you?
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  • boomtingboomting 689 replies27 postsRegistered User Member
    Both excellent universities.

    As @LutherVan says, I'd base it on
    a) whether I wanted to be in the middle of a large, diverse capital city or on a self-contained campus near Coventry (NB Warwick Uni isn't in the town of Warwick!)
    b) which modules you prefer - there will be vast differences in terms of the course content taught
    c) if you can afford the extra living costs that come with living in London
    d) if there are any extra curriculars that you want to get involved with that are only offered at one uni or the other (have a look on the students' unions webpages to find out).
    e) if they are conditional offers, are the offers realistic? Don't forget that you get to select both a firm and insurance.
    f) if you're interested in, for instance study abroad, can you do that on your course at each uni?
    g) if you have a disability, what can the university do to support you? They're legally bound to make "reasonable adjustments", but that doesn't include tearing down old buildings and building new from scratch! Speak to the university's disability support team.
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  • MeteoricMeteoric 28 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    Id go with Warwick
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