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Cal Poly SLO Admissions for a math/science student applying for fall of 2017

konchellekonchelle 16 replies2 threads Junior Member
I'm sure many are familiar with the MCA (Multi-Curricular Admissions) process that Cal Poly SLO has. I am a senior and am planning on applying for the fall of 2017. My Academic GPA is low at a 3.414, but my SAT is generally high at 1350 (which I believe is just above average for the math and sciences college). I used the scoring system from here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/17668346/#Comment_17668346 to determine my projected MCA score out of 5000. I ended up with around a 4131, with this score I was wondering if anybody has input on my chances of being admitted into the college of math and sciences at CP. Is my score competitive? Average? Below Average? Also if I am not competitive in math, is there another of the 6 colleges there that I would be able to get into and then hope to maybe change majors after getting in? Thanks a lot!
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Replies to: Cal Poly SLO Admissions for a math/science student applying for fall of 2017

  • GumbymomGumbymom 28902 replies214 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
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    Your MCA score will be used to rank you in your major which is in the College of Math and Science. What is your intended major? You are not accepted into the College as a whole, but into the major.

    Also do not attempt to try the back door method and apply to an "easier" admit major and then switch into a more competitive major, since it usually backfires. When applying to switch majors, your HS record will be evaluated to see that as an in-coming Freshman if you were eligible for your intended major in the first place along with fulfilling the pre-req courses needed for the switch. If you have a major in mind, apply for it.

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  • lkg4answerslkg4answers 1786 replies212 threads Senior Member
    @konchelle think about what you want to do with your math/science major. Chances are you will be going to some sort of graduate school. My advise would be to look up what those schools require and see which major has the requirements that most closely align with what you will need for graduate school.

    This isn't from SLO but we found it to be a very useful link if someone is interested in going into health sciences. Click on the profession on the right side of the page and it will open a pdf of different graduate programs and their undergraduate requirements http://hpa.ucdavis.edu/prehealthrequirements/index.html
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