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U.S. Cambridge Applicant

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S is completing UCAS/COPA for Comp Sci w/Mathematics. Understand that SAT/ACT and AP's (taken and predicted) are required. Seeking advice/opinion whether it is worth providing SAT II's (800 Math II, 800 Physics, 740 US History), and if so, would all 3 be required to be reported. We understand SAT II's are not required, requested or seen as alternative to AP's (he'll be submitting 5 relevant AP's with scores of 5). Also, new SAT has been taken twice with Math/Reading combos of 800/720 and 780/740. ACT is 34. With recent change to expected minimums of 730, is he better off just going the ACT which has an expected minimum of 32)? Might seem a silly question, just feels like he might be leaving some recognition of his math strengths on the table to not submit SAT. Most importantly, don't want to withhold anything required. Thanks ahead of time for any help/thoughts provided.
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