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Cornell Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

cornellcouturecornellcouture 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 13 in Cornell University
Discussion for 2019 Fall Transfers. Starting this early for students (including myself) who are ready to take the upcoming transfer season by storm!
edited July 13
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Replies to: Cornell Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey cornellcouture, I am thinking of transferring to Cornell for Fall 2019 (if they let me in, LOL). It's nice to have somebody around to discuss about the transfer.
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  • cornellcouturecornellcouture 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hahah yay! Same here! I was hoping that someone would reply soon!
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  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, people will be joining in.
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  • Keithbrad80Keithbrad80 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I’m looking to transfer for the fall 2019 at as well from California. I’m not 100 percent sure though as to which of my ECs or other credentials I should put in the application. I have an old boss who is currently the ROTC commanding officer. Does that help? Thanks
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  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Heeelllooo? Anyone?
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  • CooooooCoooooo 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    yes, here, do you guys start working on your essays and personal statement?
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Prospect Fall 2019 transfer here.

    Applying to more than one college so really building an essay bank and going off that. Sort of a bad idea but will refine them to each one as time goes by.

    Which schools are you guys applying to? CALS here

    Still in early drafts part though. Wishing everyone good luck.

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  • limitdoesnotexist1limitdoesnotexist1 109 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I'm also applying to Cornell as a Fall 2019 transfer! I'm a biology major at a New Jersey community college right now. I don't know which Cornell college I should apply to. Most of the E-mails from Cornell that I received were from CALS so I'm leaning more towards that one.
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  • nohrdragonnohrdragon 17 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone know if we apply for Fall 2019 and are denied if we can apply for Spring 2020 as well?
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    SMDH, we already counting on getting rejected before the deadline even closes. C'mon guys we need optimism! Especially at Cornell LMAO
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  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    When should we begin writing? I'm planning to apply to about 10 schools. Would it be enough if I begin to write essays at Winter Break?
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @Faexpopuli Depends on your current courseload I think and other factors like how many "Why us" essays you have. Personally, already wrote about 80% of the essays and still in draft mode.

    The one thing I would worry about doing ASAP is the financial aid/ CSS profiles to be honest if you will need assistance.
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  • PrinceRupertDropPrinceRupertDrop 10 replies2 threads New Member
    Hey folks, I'm a freshman at Wabash College thinking of transferring to Cornell for Fall 2019. Mid term grades reflect a 4.0 gpa. Hope I can keep that up!
    ECAs include:
    Staff writer for The Bachelor
    Sales club
    Global Ambassador for College Admissions
    2 on-campus jobs
    International student's association
    Mentor for College Mentors for kids

    I'm gonna be applying to CALS, seeking for heavy financial aid ( I can only afford to pay $6-7k a year max). So yeah that's my background. Any of you wants to share yours maybe?
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  • MagnaCartaMagnaCarta 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Greetings, I am also looking to transfer into Cornell this coming fall! It's a big reach for me, but I might as well give it a shot! I'll be applying as a sophomore (Graduation 2022)

    College Stats:
    GPA: Not done with finals yet, should be around 3.9
    Finance & Economics double major. Applying for AEM (Press F to pay respects)
    Credits Completed at time of application: 49 (a lot of those are AP that won't transfer over- likely will walk into Vanderbilt with ~40 if I am accepted)
    Current School: University of St. Thomas (MN)

    Courses taken:
    Principles of Macroeconomics (4 cr)
    Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr)
    Philosophy of the Human Person (4 cr)
    Honors Christian Theological Tradition (4 cr)
    Honors Introduction to Art History (4 cr)
    Honors Sports Literature: Social Justice and Sport (4 cr)
    Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 cr)
    Introduction to Management (4 cr)
    Quantitative Data Literacy (2 cr)

    College EC's:
    Very little, frankly. Member of my schools Honors College, Distinguished Member of the Investment Club, Economics Club participant, intramural volleyball etc.

    High School Stats
    ACT: 32
    GPA: 3.5 (Mediocre Freshman year, poor Junior year (~3.2) and solid Sophomore and Senior years)

    AP Tests:
    Junior Year:
    -Stats (3)
    -Language (4)
    Senior Year:
    -Biology (4)
    -Calculus AB (4)
    -Physics 1 (3)

    High School EC's:
    Some EC's. National Honors Society, 4-year competitive cyclist, member of freshman integration group, Business Professionals of America 4-year participant (board member senior year, state participant junior year), 2-year Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee player.

    Little odds of acceptance, but if I were I would immediately go there, it's such a vibrant community of scholars! Let me know what you think my odds are!
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    College Stats:
    GPA: 3.93
    Biology Major currently
    Credits Completed at time of application: 29
    Current School: University of Miami

    Courses taken:
    General Biology I (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology I Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Biology II (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology II & Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Chemistry I (3 Credits) - A+
    General Chemistry I Lab (1 Credit) - B
    Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits) - A
    Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits) - A+
    English Composition II (3 Credits) - A-
    Philosophy of Brain and Neuroscience (3 Credits) - A+

    High School Stats
    ACT: 33
    GPA: 3.45 (Strong upward trend in senior year - straight A's - Full IB Diploma)

    - I run an NGO/Charity in Pakistan for Educational development of schools (my main Extracurricular I have some less relevant ones not worth mentioning)
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @gapyearapplicant assuming CALS? Amazing stats and grades for Chem wishing you luck!
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  • Interested1945Interested1945 39 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Welp my econ prof isn't curving the class even though he sucks. Rip me.
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  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hello all, I am also applying to Cornell this Fall to CALS as a Junoir. I felt like I could share some of my stats and get some feedback on our journey.

    College Stats:
    GPA: 4.0
    Physics and Mathematics double major
    48 credits completed as of right now, and 64 at the time of transfer
    Current School: Southern Illinois University (IL)

    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to be given yet. Hopefully, I can score above 100/120 and if not, I don't meet English Proficiency and can't apply.

    Relevant courses taken:
    Calculus I (4 cr, A)
    Calculus II (4 cr, A)
    Calculus III (3 cr, A)
    Intr. to Diff. Equations (3 cr, A)
    University Physics I with lab (3+1 cr, A's in both)
    University Physics II with lab (3+1 cr, A's in both)
    Theoretical Methods in Physics (3 cr, A)
    Honors Chemistry with lab (4+1 cr, A's in both)

    College EC's:
    University Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Society of Physics Students, few community services, served as executive member for International Student Council for one year and international Registered Student Organization since Fall '17, some merit and departmental scholarships.

    High School Stats
    New SAT: 1420
    GPA: 4.0 (WES credential evaluation) - international high school

    No AP's

    High School EC's:
    Few community services, few awards, Science and Technology Club.

    Anybody can tell me my chances? I am an international student requiring a lot of financial aid need. Honestly, I can only pay up to 5-6k per year.
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Honestly seeing all these stats, boys we might pack it up now wow...
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  • polyscidreamerpolyscidreamer 128 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys! Also looking to apply to Cornell fall 2019. I’m applying to 30 schools and just now started my essays. Also for FASFA/CSS we should have already had it done correct?
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