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Cornell Fall 2019 Transfer Thread


Replies to: Cornell Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @polyscidreamer what do you mean have already done it? I think you have until the end of spring semester around that time to submit but that's a bad idea. You want to submit CSS/ FAFSA as soon as possible. As funds are given on rolling basis, so apply before they run out.

    In regards to when to complete and send them. FAFSA seems not to be an issue to be done BEFORE applying/ finishing the application. Not sure about cornell but tried with other schools and they prefer sending documents and other materials AFTER you send your common app. Again not sure if that will be the same for the CSS profile but something worth mentioning I thought. Cheers and GL everyone!
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    Is anyone here a non GT?
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    I'm currently a political science major at Northeastern.

    High School GPA: 3.85 UW/4.28 W (doesn't rank but probably top 12%)

    ACT: 33
    Current College GPA: 4.0
    High school ECs: mock trial captain, big mock trial awards, founded non-profit, debate, some really good leadership positions/did important things with these positions, some other stuff

    College: Leadership in student government, 20 hr/week internship, may do research next semester, still running non-profit

    Essays: Really good at these, so hoping they'll be great

    LORs: Should be good. Have high As in the classes of the professors I'm asking for LORs from. One of the knows me really well because of my research interests and I participate a lot in the other class
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  • bhdot27bhdot27 11 replies0 threads New Member
    Can anyone clarify for me how many essays are required in this application? I see the writing supplement for CALS, but is a personal statement also required as well?
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  • SnekfestSnekfest 127 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @bhdot27 had the same question and when I emailed CALS to ask they said, just the regular supplement is required but if I wanted to write something beyond what my application shows, I could write something for the documents section personal statement.
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  • sstayingpositivesstayingpositive 63 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @snekfest @bhdot27 finally! every forum people talked about writing their "personal statement's", yet I noticed no school actually had one, they only had their own questions. I was such a stressed mess!
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  • andrewmyles80andrewmyles80 6 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm applying to the College of Human Ecology as a Policy Analysis and Management major. I go to a NYS community college that Cornell takes a lot of transfers from. In fact, they're at our transfer fair every semester.
    - 3.6 GPA
    - Phi Theta Kappa and honors program
    - Works 3 jobs to pay for school
    - 19 year old african american male
    - Intern at a healthcare policy analysis firm on Wall Street and have written research that has gone out to investment
    banks and private equity firms.
    - Work and volunteer as an EMT
    - Top essays
    - Top LORs from my honors econ and political science professors, the CFO of my firm who's an alumni, and my
    mentor who is also an alumni on one of the advisory boards.

    I also met with the senior associate director of admissions for humec and we talked for over an hour and connected really well. I hope I get in!
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  • KPitsMEKPitsME 10 replies0 threads New Member
    School- De Anza CC Cupertino Ca "Top Rate California CC"
    Age - 31 Year Old Non-Traditional Student
    Race - Native American/ Caucasian
    GPA - 3.75 (De Anza)
    Credits earned AA Honors Degree - 120 college credit hours earned at De Anza in 6 quarters


    De Anza Honors Program
    Dean’s List for Academic Achievement
    Phi Theta Kappa
    Summa Cum Laude Graduate
    Humanities Mellon Scholar w /University of San Francisco and De Anza.
    VA volunteer for mental health and assistance for VETs
    Local Sunnyvale Community Services Volunteer for 2 years developed contacts to push 0 waste initiative at several local grocery stores in Cupertino and local communities.
    Volunteer At Momentum Mental Health care in Palo Alto
    Neuroscience Club at De Anza CC
    Master Gardener specializing in bio dynamic systems for agriculture, including 10 years experience developing Several self sustainable off the grid, green energy, properties in Northern California.

    High School - Diploma / Graduate 2005 - History/ Gaps
    In my childhood I was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
    Overcame disabilities and started taking advanced classes at Space Center Houston Texas in 7th grade
    3.5 Gpa Honors + Dual Credit Classes
    started College at 16 years old in my junior year of high school in 2003
    Moved out of parents house at 17 to start taking classes and for my own personal growth.
    At 18 years old I became very disenfranchised with the education system in Texas and obtained from college in 2006.
    Found myself in some Legal trouble and was placed on probation from 2006-2008 for partying and DUI.
    Successfully Complete probation In the year 2008 And moved to California
    I attended 1 quarter of CC at HCC in 2008 and immediately moved to California when I completed the classes
    Started a consulting firm in 2009 specializing in bio dynamic systems for agriculture, and self sustainable off the grid green energy properties.
    Successfully developed green properties with closed loop Input system for agriculture
    Manufactured and Developed numerous methods to enhance the biodiversity for biological solutions for conventional agriculture.

    In February 2017 I was in a very bad accident and left with a severe concussion resulting from a serious fall. Over the next few months I experienced severe PTSD and psychosis stemming from the fall. My family and I decided that for my own personal health I needed to take time off and I moved to Cupertino California to recover from the injury. In August of 2017 about 6 months after the accident I decided to take a chance and I enroll in the local college at De Anza CC. Within 3 months I found myself extremely enthusiastic about learning for the first time in honestly 15 years. Challenging the Banking Method most of my classes opened me up to a new world of existential thinking and this sparked a fire in me.
    Fall 2017 - Spring 2019 Over the next 6 quarters i accumulated 120 hours of credit and on a path to double major participating in multiple honors and scholar programs and local community services.

    Story is much more complex but those are my basic cred...

    Best of luck to all and go for it you miss every shot you do not take!!!
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    @KPitsME I think you have a really good shot. You should look into top liberal arts schools. They take very few transfers, but they seem to favor non-traditional students.
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  • KPitsMEKPitsME 10 replies0 threads New Member
    thanks so much i will look into that i am open to suggestions
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  • bvbchampsbvbchamps 86 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I have a 3.88 college gpa from a t20, a 3.5hs gpa, and a 33 ACT applying either CAS econ or ILR. I've heard CAS is tough for transfers, is ILR the better route to go?
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  • min517min517 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey everyone! I'm applying as a sophomore transfer for fall 2019 as well:) Here are my stats:

    Current school: top 20 private university
    Race: white and Native American (Cherokee Nation)
    Gender: female
    Home state: Ohio
    ACT: 35 composite (36M, 36S, 34E, 34R)
    High school GPA: 4.936 weighted
    Class rank (high school): 1/305

    College GPA: 4.00 (no honors program available as freshman, but I took a very full course load with notorious premed weed-out classes)
    High school ECs: competitive gymnast from 2008-2018 (stopped due to torn achilles), varsity cross country runner (HS), private viola lessons, peer tutoring, Key Club treasurer
    College ECs: Figure skating club president and founder, Women in STEM club member, tutor for Varsity Tutors, nanoscience lab research job
    Intended major: Materials science and engineering

    Awards/honors: Junior Olympic gymnastics gold medalist, three-time Junior Olympic gymnastics silver medalist, two-time Junior Olympic gymnastics bronze medalist, US national gymnastics champion, US national gymnastics bronze medalist, fifteen-time Ohio state gymnastics champion, six-time Ohio state gymnastics silver medalist, six-time Ohio state gymnastics bronze medalist, Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete award, valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude latin honors, University of Cincinnati Behavioral Science Award, Ohio Soybean Association Research Award, Anderson Hills Educational Foundation Scholarship, Dean's list, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity.

    Hooks: Junior Olympic gold medalist and US national champion in gymnastics, had to provide for family due to long-term medical issues last fall and winter while balancing school, ECs, and applications

    Reasons for transferring: my current school does not have an engineering department, emphasis on undergraduate research involvement, students are passionate about more than just their school work

    Best of luck to everyone applying!
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  • transferszntransferszn 51 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @min517 I saw you on another thread, I am not sure all of the schools you are applying to, but I can guarantee you will get into one of these top unis. You have very impressive EC's and the stats to back you up. I am a CC transfer but from what I have read about 4 year to 4 year transfers is to not be overly negative about your school. Really focus on the "why" for transferring. You have very respectable reasons so really focus on that. Good luck
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  • min517min517 10 replies0 threads New Member
    @transferszn Appreciate the feedback:) I definitely don't want to be negative about my current school because it's def not a bad school, it's just not a good fit for me. I agree that it's much better to focus on why I love X school and I hope my essays convey that. I'm definitely applying to Vandy, Cornell, UPenn, Northwestnern, Stanford, and possibly more if I can get enough research on them done. Where are you applying?
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  • sstayingpositivesstayingpositive 63 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi so does Cornell want the personal statement or not? I'm sorry I'm really confused. Also, there's so little literature on transferring available!
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  • transferszntransferszn 51 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @min517 When I can send PMs I'll message you :)

    @sstayingpositive I am also confused about this. What I am most likely going to do is use the documents page of the common app to submit my personal statement and then tailor my supplemental essay specifically for Cornell. But I am not sure what the "right" way is.
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  • jebsjb212523jebsjb212523 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi, I just wanted to know my chances as a transfer. I will be a sophomore next year and am applying to Dyson. I am currently at a top 50 private university in the business school with an undeclared major. I had a 3.85 GPA first semester, and I'm in a bunch of clubs on campus. Had pretty decent essays and letter of recs. High school GPA was 3.7, and SAT was 1450. Never applied to Cornell before and submitted my stuff on 1/29.
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  • qob123qob123 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited February 2019

    Applying to Cornell Transfer from Lehigh University (in the business school).. Don't think I'll get it but its worth a shot. Applying to ILR. Not submitting my SATS, I was a previous reject from Cornell, hoping my Freshman Fall is going to help out. On track for a 4.0 this semester with my mid-term report

    High School GPA: Not sure, full IB diploma, low 6 average, with not a great senior spring.
    College GPA: 3.71
    Calc w/ Business applications -- B+
    Intro to Real Estate -- A
    Econ 029 (got credit for earlier classes) -- A
    English 001 --- A-
    Business --- A-

    Lots of ECs, NYC charity work, run my own business,

    Also do I need a personal essay along with the supplement? I'm only applying to cornell and saw no where to put in a personal essay
    edited February 2019
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  • limitdoesnotexist1limitdoesnotexist1 109 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I still don't know which school I'm applying to but here's the courses I took as a biology major at community college. All science courses at my school have lab included in the course:

    College GPA: 3.83

    English I: A
    English II: A
    Biology II: A
    Microbiology: A
    Genetics: A
    Chem I: A
    Chem II: A
    Organic Chem I: A
    Physics III: A
    Honors Into to Ethics: A
    World Civ: A
    Calc I: B
    Calc II: B

    current courses:
    Research Experience in Biology
    Organic Chem II
    Physics IV
    Yoga (yes, I'm required to take a yoga class to graduate community college lol)

    My high school grades are the same, Bs in honors math and As in everything else.

    I don't do a lot of ECs with my school because I spend most of my time either at work or tutoring. I wrote my essay about why I chose to be a biology major and what makes Cornell the best fit for my needs. I heard such great things about Ithaca!!!

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  • TheWapTrapTheWapTrap 96 replies31 threads Junior Member
    Applying to ILR with minors in Economics and Philosophy through CAS.

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