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Advice for ensemble actor entering freshman year

emmacoalemmacoal 1 replies3 threads New Member
Hi everyone!
I was wondering if you had any advice for someone in my situation.
I’m entering my freshman year in the fall in a fairly large BA program. As I’m meeting people online, at orientation, etc. this summer, I’m finding that everyone I’ve talked to thus far can name off doing a few lead or principle roles from their time in high school or community theater. I’ve been in the ensemble in every show I have done.
It’s not like I can change anything about that fact now I know. But could you give suggestions on how to interact with the people when they want to talk about past shows?
Or maybe how to shake a bit of the intimidation factor?
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Replies to: Advice for ensemble actor entering freshman year

  • NYDreammomNYDreammom 403 replies0 threads Member
    @emmacoal Try not to pay attention to their bragging, really, why does it matter the roles they’ve had. Every role is important and being ensemble no less, if they don’t realize the importance of that too bad for them. Theatre training is about the process, not the role, hopefully your program will teach them that. It’s a competitive field, there will always be people bragging, best to learn to ignore the noise and focus on the substance and you. A lot of times the people who make the most noise may get the roles or the accolades but they could be the least talented and most opportunistic, not to mention not the best people. I saw this countless times in D’s PA high school over the years. If anything it teaches you to have thick skin. Focus on you and look forward to the future and what your new program will offer you. Good luck!
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  • frontrowmamafrontrowmama 235 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @emmacoal It will not matter at ALL! All Freshman are "little fishes" entering bigger ponds. A star at one HS does not make a star at a college program. It is a new beggining and everyone will be a bit intimidated! Just focus on your training and be the best student artist you can be. Be your authentic self and forget about the competition.....because this is a very competitive industry and wasting your time and energy on anything but your own development will be detrimental. Embrace this fresh start and have a blast getting to know your new community of artists! Good luck!
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  • sugarpiehoneybunchsugarpiehoneybunch 13 replies1 threads New Member
    There are so many factors that go into being cast in high school--school size, size of drama program, how many shows are done a year, how many are MT if you're not a singer and stronger at straight acting, and if the director has favorites, etc. etc. etc. Let people who have extensive High School experience brag, if they're tacky enough to do that. Just smile politely and say "that's great" and then YOU put your head down and do the work to prepare for auditions (my son starts at least a month in advance picking out material that shows off his ability to pull off the role he wants, analyzes the text, rehearses and makes sure his work is flawless.) After a few months, once it becomes clear who's putting in the work, who's being cast and who isn't, the bragging about high school goes away quickly. Lots of people brag about high school when they can't deliver in a more competitive environment.
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