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Have I ruined my chances of getting a conditional offer??

annann720annann720 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
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So AP scores came out today, and I feel like I mucked up my chances- I was expecting to get two 5s on APCSA and AP physics. Unfortunately, my actual scores are two 4s. The minimum requirement for BEng Computing at imperial and UCL is 3-5 5s on the related subject. I will take 7 AP exams (AP cal BC, AP French, AP Physics 2, AP physics C em, AP macro econ, AP micro econ, AP music theory) next year and I am very confident that I will meet the requirement. However, I am extremely worried that my AP scores this year would ruin my chances of getting a conditional offer. Have I lowered my chances considerably? Do I have no chance?
edited July 9
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Replies to: Have I ruined my chances of getting a conditional offer??

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6590 replies54 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    A 4 in Physics 1 for CompSci is *not* a good sign. IF you got an offer it would be conditional on 5s in (my guess) Calc & the 2 Physics. Odds of an offer are, obviously, rather better at UCL than Imperial.

    I am guessing that you were very confident about 5s for this year: realistically, why will next year (when you have 7 to prep for, not 2) be different?
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