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What are my odds?

bobbyswitchbobbyswitch 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi all, this is my first time posting here, so sorry if I've made any mistakes, and feel free to remove this if it violates any rules.
I'd really like to go to William & Mary - I'm applying there ED this november, and I go to a VERY competitive school in state.
I have a 3.686 Weighted, a 33 ACT, 1430 SAT, and I hold a few key leadership positions - student government, VP of NHS, VP of NEHS, as well as around a 150 hours of volunteering at clinics and hospitals. With a courseload consisting of 10 APs, how realistic are my dreams?
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  • prodesseprodesse 1357 replies71 threads Senior Member
    As you know, your GPA is on the low side. With that many AP classes, your unweighted GPA is a problem. A lot depends on what the GPA issue is. They'll look at the whole transcript, not just a number.

    Applying ED could help you, especially if you are male. But if your lower grades were in your junior year, I would guess they might want to wait to see your first quarter or first semester grades.

    Good luck, and write fabulous essays!
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  • novamamannovamaman 21 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited September 2019
    Yeah, my only concern would be your GPA. If it is weighted 1 point, and you are taking AP classes, it should be up in the 4’s if you have mostly A’s and B’s...so it’s hard to tell the strength of your transcript with only a GPA.

    Otherwise, your SAT and ACT and extracurricular activities are great!
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