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Prescreen Rejection Worries

MTDreamer01MTDreamer01 2 replies2 threads New Member
Hi all. I’m in the midst of hearing back from all of my prescreens and I’m panicking a little bit. So far I’ve heard back from 6: 2 have been yes’s, 3 have been no’s, and 1 was a redirect to acting. I worked endlessly on my material and felt extremely confident submitting them, so the results are worrying and I’m starting to worry that I might not get into a program. I was looking at the prescreen results thread and it seems that most everyone is getting mostly passes. Are prescreen rejections as common as everyone says they are? Are they an indicator of success during the audition season? I might be worrying myself for no reason, since I still have 7 prescreens to hear back from, but the results this far are making me very nervous.
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Replies to: Prescreen Rejection Worries

  • TwelfthmanTwelfthman 140 replies41 threads Junior Member
    @MTDreamer01 From what has been reported, people tend to report acceptances while the Noes get under-reported. Can you consider adding a few schools even as walk-ins at Unifieds?
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  • rickle1rickle1 2240 replies18 threads Senior Member
    OP - My D is going through the same experience so we live it every day as well. First, as @Twelfthman states, many only report successes. Secondly, don't get caught up in what others are doing and saying. In other words, "You do you". That's all you can control.

    Not that different than overall college admissions at top / elite schools, we have found the PreScreen results to be quite random. D attends a Performing Arts HS and is surrounded by the chatter each day. Who passed what, etc. One day she's demoralized because Pace said NO to her and YES to her peers. The next day she's elated because she was the only one to get a YES from Syracuse.

    Her coach and her school director repeatedly tell her it's not simply a talent competition. They are looking for a certain something, to compliment what they already have and to cast their next four years worth of shows (which they have already picked in many cases). So, if you are a traditional belter and they already have five, they don't need a sixth, etc. Not that different than casting in the real world.

    Just keep building and growing. It's tough as you know, but keep the faith.

    You may also want to add some quality BA MT programs (non audition - like Mulhenberg and others) to the mix. If you're attending Unifeds, do some walk-ins. Good practice if nothing else but many find a hidden gem via that journey.

    Best of luck.
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  • DramaLove2020DramaLove2020 218 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I got NOs from Penn State, Emerson, Indiana and Ithaca. YEs from Syracuse, Point Park, Coastal Carolina, Rider, Otterbein, Wright State, and Temple. The one thing that helped me was to schedule a fair amount of non prescreen schools early - I tried to think of it like those were my "set auditions" and anything else I prescreen passed was Bonus! Good luck!
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  • DramaLove2020DramaLove2020 218 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Oh and I am still WAITING on CCM!!!! and Elon!
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  • jacobhendricksonjacobhendrickson 20 replies13 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    Wow this makes me feel better! I’m also getting lots of mixed responses and i thought I was the only one
    edited December 2019
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  • midwestmtmom82midwestmtmom82 13 replies1 threads New Member
    My D got yes from Indiana, CCM, CMU, Emerson, and Auburn; No from Syracuse and Pace. She is still waiting on prescreen results from NYU Steinhardt and Oberlin (vocal performance).
    She has auditioned at Belmont (accepted), Auburn (accepted), IU (rejected--ouch), OCU (waiting), and Baldwin Wallace (waiting).
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  • SavsMomSavsMom 23 replies0 threads Junior Member
    CCM seems to be all over the place. We submitted at the end of October and still have heard nothing! Others on here get yeses and no's--and here we are hanging in the great abyss of maybe!
    Also waiting on Elon, Roosevelt, Otterbein and Penn State.
    An interesting thing happened with Illinois Wesleyan-- we got a NO at CAP, and my daughter who has received nothing but yeses with her video submissions, submitted her prescreen video to Illinois Wesleyan that day because she thought she got the no at CAP because she was the 88th kid of 94--and sure enough, we heard back a yes for her video submission a few days later. Who knows--it may be futile in the long run, but my DD refused to take no for an answer.
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  • Notmath1Notmath1 578 replies37 threads Member
    @Twelfthman speaks the truth!
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  • cantalekcantalek 1 replies0 threads New Member
    how does a walk in to unifieds work?
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  • tygerpigtygerpig 16 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Trying to find out about walk-in information as well.
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  • RunmamaRunmama 31 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @tygerpig I just asked that on a separate post. The last message on https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/musical-theater-major/2115144-master-list-of-unified-audition-schools-p3.html has the list of Unified schools and whether they offer walk-in's.
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  • stagedoormamastagedoormama 838 replies9 threads Member
    FYI, Just because a school has offered walk-ins in the past doesn't mean that they will this year. Every year is very different. If interested in walk-ins, you will need to physically walk the halls each morning at Unifieds to see who may be offering walk-ins. Make sure you have a checkbook to pay audition fees if given a walk-in slot, and also be prepared to fill out their college app on the spot as some schools require that as well.
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  • NYYFanNowMTdadNYYFanNowMTdad 413 replies1 threads Member
    @MTDreamer01 I think your results are normal if not slightly above average tbh......see my post #528 on this topic & as @rickle1 & others stated just run your own race!! you are doing more than fine

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