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ive had it with the housing people!! need advice

money_mikemoney_mike 1 replies2 threads New Member
edited August 2006 in Arizona State University
ok so i have another post that kind of relates to this but this time its worse.

I was guaranteed i would get my selection of dorm, then i was told i was crazy and that would never happen, and i would be put up in a hotel until spots opened up.(not to bad but still sucks, and its understandable) but i was guranteed housing on campus no matter what. THEY SAID THEY CANNOT REFUSE ME HOUSING ON CAMPUS NO MATTER WHAT!!

SO TODAY THESE JERKS CALL, and tell me that i can live on the downtown campus or wait till next semester. I almost lost it on the phone!!!! AFTER THEY GURANTEED ME THINGS ON TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS AND STILL DENIED THEM. and they tried to tell me to find off campus housing thats close. TWO DAMN WEEKS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS THEY EXPECT ME TO FIND HOUSING THATS CLOSE.

so im pretty much screwed out of the whole deal and i dont know what i should do. since i live on the complete north side of phoenix id be better off camping out in my car than driving everyday.

edited August 2006
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Replies to: ive had it with the housing people!! need advice

  • alannancpalannancp 368 replies3 threads Member
    haha that really sucks. :/

    They messed up my friend's housing too.
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    My guess is they are giving you less priority since you say you live in the Phoenix area.
    Do you still have the hotel option?They use the Twin Palms which is right across the street on Apache,on the side of the campus facing Gammage Auditorium.Its not too bad of a location.
    How about if you request the "wellness" dorm..would that help you get on campus?
    They really do have alot of "melt" during the move in week..and lots of moving around.Maybe live at home and tell them you'll take the first a/v opening rather than commit to downtown?
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  • money_mikemoney_mike 1 replies2 threads New Member
    ya thats what im doing but im going to miss the first couple weeks of living in the dorm, which would be the most interesting time when everyone is meeting everyone. But o well i always get the short end of these kinds of things.
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  • SK1SK1 77 replies12 threads Junior Member
    try villas on apache.

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  • *devo**devo* 121 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Best of luck to you... with 55,000 students you might as well get used to the short end of the stick. That has been my experience with most things at ASU. FRUSTRATING!!!
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