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when did each of the 8 need-blind colleges become need-blind?

screwitlahscrewitlah Registered User Posts: 1,980 Senior Member
edited June 2008 in International Students
I'm very interested to know, especially since some 1990s' graduates from these 8 international need-blind colleges - Harvard Yale Princeton MIT Amherst Middlebury Williams Dartmouth - from my country went there on government scholarships that require them to serve 6-year bonds working for the government upon graduation. I'd have thought that they wouldn't accept the government scholarships if they had FA. I suspect that these colleges weren't need-blind just a decade ago.

Could you guys provide the years during which these 8 need-blind colleges became need-blind to internationals? I know 2.

Dartmouth - 2008
Amherst - 2008
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Replies to: when did each of the 8 need-blind colleges become need-blind?

  • Rister_ChutophsRister_Chutophs Registered User Posts: 1,373 Senior Member
    Good question...I don't know the years for each but HYP must have been become need-bline after 1997. (That's when 'A is for Admission' was published...in the book, the author wrote that applying for financial aid will hurt your chances at all ivy league schools)
  • boho_girlboho_girl Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    EDIT: I thought Princeton was first, but it seems like Harvard was actually first?
    ...Indeed, Harvard is the only top university that is need-blind towards internationals...

    Casting a wide net into international waters | Sep 17, 1999
    Not exactly sure when it became need-blind but sometimes between 1997 and 1999

    Not sure if Yale was before or after Princeton...
    ...The University applied the "need-blind" policy to international freshmen in the Class of 2004 on a trial basis, and today’s approval by the trustees formalizes that practice...

    Princeton - News - Grants to replace loans for all students on financial aid

    That would mean in 2000?
  • boho_girlboho_girl Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    Harvard - between 1997 and 1999
    Yale - 2001
    Princeton - 2000
    Dartmouth - 2008
    Williams - 2002 (?)
    Amherst - 2008

    ...In 2001 [Yale] extended [need-blind admissions] policy to foreign students,...

    Yale Cuts Costs for Families and Students | Financial Aid | Freshmen | Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    ...Need-blind admission for international students was instituted beginning with the Class of 2006...

    Williams College Diversity Initiatives

    All I found about MIT was some stuff from 2005 that "MIT is need-blind to int'l students". So it became need-blind sometime before 2005?

    Same with Middlebury. I found a CC post from Dec 2004.
    So, Middlebury - sometime before Dec 2004?

    And I found some rather confusing information
    ...Under the aid plan, to be funded by President John Hennessy's new "Stanford Challenge" - a $4.3 billion capital campaign - international students would be admitted on a "need-blind" basis, just as U.S. and Canadian students already are, meaning admission decisions will not take ability to pay into account...

    Fulbright Romania
    Sometimes, even Duke was mentioned as need-blind. Anyone knows why?

    Yes, I had way too much free time...
  • MikalyeMikalye Registered User Posts: 1,340 Senior Member
    As far as I know, MIT went need-blind for ALL of its student admissions in 1969, so its coming up on 50 years now. MIT admits all of its students need-blind and awards all of its financial aid merit-blind.
  • screwitlahscrewitlah Registered User Posts: 1,980 Senior Member
    Mikalye, following up on what you said, I did a little googling and found this:
    1957- MIT officially adopts “need-blind” admissions policy, eliminating any consideration of an applicant’s ability to pay from the admissions process.
    Diversity At MIT: 1981 to present - The Tech

    BUT, as stated in one of the articles quoted by boho_girl (great job!) in post #3, as of 1999,
    ...Indeed, Harvard is the only top university that is need-blind towards internationals...

    Surely MIT is a "top university"!

    Anyway, I think many sources tend to neglect international students when talking about a school's need-blind admissions policy. Maybe in 1957, MIT went need-blind just for domestic applicants, and international students were much later? That practice of excluding international applicants for convenience's sake may also be the reason why, as boho_girl asked, Duke is sometimes mentioned as "need-blind" when it's actually so for domestic applicants only.
  • MikalyeMikalye Registered User Posts: 1,340 Senior Member
    Yes, I am not sure, but as I recall reading it, it was need-blind for domestic students in 1957 and need-blind for all students as of 1969.

    At any event some 40-50 years before the other "top universities". Boho girl quotes that well-known source The Yale Herald, which is simply and totally wrong on this, which simply reinforces my prejudices about Yale.
  • boho_girlboho_girl Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    ^^ I think you're right. Yale Herald could have mistakenly written "top uni" instead of "ivy-league uni" (as Rister said, "A for Admissions" said none of the Ivies are need-blind to internationals)

    Many sources just have conflicting information, and I can not find anywhere that it explicitly states when MIT or Harvard have gone need-blind to foreign citizens.

    Another source by (infamous) Yale says this:
    ...international student aid did not become need-blind until 2000, when Yale joined institutions including Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that had already implemented such policies...

    Yale Daily News - Talent abroad is a challenge for Yale

    And if you wish, another source by Harvard
    ...MIT has a similar need-blind program for international students...

    The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Yale Institutes Need-Blind Admissions for International Students

    And finally, in MIT's words
    ...MIT’s commitment to a need-blind admissions policy began in 1969, which includes a commitment that all students admitted to MIT will have the financial support they need...

    MIT Spectrum Winter 2008 A Letter from the President

    I'm just confused as to why all the other schools highlight "the FIRST to [for eg. exclude loans from finaid package]" or explicitly state "need-blind to FOREIGN CITIZENS", but not MIT.
    These information would make it look like MIT was indeed the first to admit foreign students regardless of their need.

    Or are those "first..." articles simply not available online, or was there another school in the game back then?
  • screwitlahscrewitlah Registered User Posts: 1,980 Senior Member
    boho girl you're really dedicated! or you have too much free time as you said? heheh but its amazing how you could dig out all the relevant articles.

    I personally would look for an unequivocal statement by MIT. the part that bothers me is this:

    MIT’s commitment to a need-blind admissions policy began in 1969, which includes a commitment that all students admitted to MIT will have the financial support they need.

    the bolded portion still does not mean a need-blind policy for all applicants, just that all admitted students will have guaranteed financial support.

    the sentence that follows is more encouraging though:

    This makes it possible for the Institute to admit students based completely on merit without consideration of their ability to afford an MIT education.

    I just wish they'd say "all students". :P
  • boho_girlboho_girl Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    Well, I'm on my summer breaks for 2 weeks already, so yeah... I've got plenty of time. I used this as a procrastination tool from cleaning my closet, though. :p
    Sometimes little useless facts can really intrigue me, so I decided to socialize with Google for a while.

    But unfortunately, I didn't have luck with finding a source which explicitly states when MIT went need-blind to internationals. If you really want to know, you might want to go straight to the source, and just ask one of MIT admissions officers, or make a thread in MIT subforum.

    (Yet, Middlebury's year does not seem to intrigue people as much)
  • SparklingJuiceSparklingJuice Registered User Posts: 119 Junior Member
    Someone said that Stanford is need-blind to Canadians(but tries to hide it). Is that true??
  • b@r!um[email protected]!um Registered User Posts: 10,340 Senior Member
    If Stanford is need-blind for Canadians, why would they hide it? And if they did hide it, how would anyone here know?
  • tetrisfantetrisfan Registered User Posts: 11,791 Senior Member
    Haha ever the skeptic, huh, Barium? :p
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