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National society of high school scholars

parentnyparentny - Posts: 241 Junior Member
edited February 2011 in Parents Forum
Is this a scam for moeny? I thought that it was a waste of time. What do you think?
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Replies to: National society of high school scholars

  • driverdriver - Posts: 4,148 Senior Member
    Yes, they charge you $45 to join. You don't have to pay for real awards. It's the same kind of thing as the "Who's Who in American High Schools."
  • q's momq's mom Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    s guidance said it is not ascambut I honestly think she's young & dumb, anyone research this? Who's Who is optional-that I know, but at this point I wouldlike to hear from anyone who actually investigated this kind of thing,thanks
  • calmomcalmom Registered User Posts: 19,700 Senior Member
    Well, the advantage of "Who's Who" is that the nominees don't have to pay money if they don't want to -- they just pay extra if they want their picture included with a listing, or if the parents want to buy the book to impress the grandparents. Even though its a meaningless honor, it's a nice ego boost for a kid who hasn't gotten a lot of other kind of recognition. Plus I've heard of one kid actually winning the scholarship they offer (I think its about $1000), and while my son didn't get that, they did send him a credit card offer through MBNA when he turned 18 that was on better terms than most he was receiving at the time & had a higher credit limit. (My son was one of those introverted kids who could use the ego boost at the time).

    But I personally wouldn't go for any sort of "honor" that requires paying money. Technically (from a legal standpoint) - it's not a "scam" because they give you what they promise for the "membership" -- which appears basically to be a subscription to their publications and access to their members-only web site. But it definitely is a waste of money.
  • EllenFEllenF Registered User Posts: 736 Member
    Who's Who scholarhips are a sort of scam. The students who apply for the scholarships are funding the scholarships through "processing fees." A while back, I posted information from the IRS form 990 for the non-profit portion of Who's Who which administers the scholarships. The "processing fees" paid by students applying for the scholarships were far more than the costs to administer the scholarships. In fact, the fees were so much more that they funded nearly all the scholarships.

    If something costs, it probably is a scam, even if the cost is fairly small and called a "processing fee." In case anyone is wondering, the Who's Who scholarship processing fees are in addition to anything parents pay for having their child's picture in a book or purchasing the book. The picture and book fees are paid to the for-profit portion of Who's Who.
  • calmomcalmom Registered User Posts: 19,700 Senior Member
    You are probably right - it's not a scam but it is a lottery, not a true scholarship. (Technically, I think a "scam" would be if they took in money but never paid out as many scholarships as they claim). You are also right students shouldn't pay anything for scholarships, but I had forgotten about the processing fee because as I recall it was very small - maybe $2 or $3 - and my son chose to pay it himself. I can see how Who's Who can make a big profit on that, but I think that on an individual basis, my son was willing to pay a couple of dollars for the chance to win $1000, just as he might buy tickets for the state lottery or a local raffle every once in a while. Of course he knows that the odds are against winning... but somehow we keep buying those lottery tickets every time the jackpot gets big.
  • EllenFEllenF Registered User Posts: 736 Member
    I agree that the scholarship is set up like a lottery. However, since Who's Who does not disclose to students that they (the students) are financing the scholarships, it becomes a scam. I don't buy lottery tickets no matter how big the jackpot. How many students would buy lottery tickets if they knew the payoff was $1,000 and their chances of winning were very slim?
  • ConanFan314ConanFan314 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    I think that this organization is actually legitimate.
  • MikksmomMikksmom Registered User Posts: 347 Member
    My D just got notified of her 'invitation' to join this group. DOes anyone know if it has any merit? Looked like a few 5K scholarships and some smaller ones but it has costs.

    Any thoughts?

  • flgirl04flgirl04 Registered User Posts: 477 Member
    Further note, educate your children about these types of scams now! In college they will receive a ton of invites to "honor societies" some of which will be reputable, but most will be not. Dont let them spend their money on non-reputable societies!
  • GreegorGreegor Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    National Society of High School Scholars

    It's a SCAM!

    They claim they get referrals from Guidance Counselors.
    Most Guidance Counselors know it's a SCAM and won't
    provide them with any referrals.

    This morning I got junk mail from them for a person
    who as far as I know NEVER lived at this address
    and mentioning a High School which HAS NOT
    EXISTED for at least TWO YEARS!

    The Founder/Chairman Claes Nobel apparently
    can never be reached on the phone and
    his e-mail is through the Atlanta Georgia SCAM organization.
    Claes Nobel Founded and Chairs another organization
    in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

    It is [email protected]
    His assistant is Maudelle "Dell" Driskell.

    I told the staffer that thousands of press releases,
    lots of PR moments, meetings and even the piddly
    $1,000.00 scholarship they gave somebody does
    NOT make this any less of a SCAM.

    What do you figure they're taking IN?
    Thousands of people mailing in $ 45.00 minimum
    for the basic certificate and PRESS RELEASE!

    Various MERCHANDISE available, up to $85 worth.

    They claim 120,000 members.
    If they all paid ONLY the $45 "new member fee" then the
    organization has taken in 5.4 MILLION in four years.

    For 2006 they handed out $150K in scholarships.

    They gave out MUCH less in scholarships in
    previous years.

    For a SCAMMER who gets 5.4 MILLION PLUS,
    paying out $300K in scholarships to "appear legitimate"
    would be well worth it!

    They probably spend more than that on
    AIRFARE and CAR RENTALS when they hold
    meetings or go on junkets for PR purposes!

    "NSHSS or its leaders are members of or associate members of the following organizations:
    NRCCUA - The National Research Center for College and University Admissions
    NSPA - The National Scholarship Providers Association
    AASA - The American Association of School Administrators
    AAIE - The Association for the Advancement of International Education"

    Are these references legit and would they approve
    of their names being used in connection with this?

    For reference:

    National Society of High School Scholars
    2531 Briarcliff Road
    Atlanta, GA 30329 866/343-1800

    Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
    Thurbert E. Baker
    40 Capitol Square SW
    Atlanta, GA 30334 404/656-3790 Consumer Affairs

    I would encourage people to write to Mr. Baker
    to ask that this organization be investigated
    and put under more strict controls.


    Please ask the IRS to investigate these people.
    Is nshss FOR PROFIT or NON-PROFIT?
  • beaston105beaston105 Registered User Posts: 246 Junior Member
    I got a letter about this today.
    Does anyone know if it's really legit or not?
  • juventus10juventus10 Registered User Posts: 355 Member
    yea i would like to know
  • suppasonicsuppasonic Registered User Posts: 400 Member
    If you have to ask if something is a scam or not, it probably is a scam.
  • swimcatsmomswimcatsmom Registered User Posts: 15,906 Senior Member
    It is yet another meaningless society (Who's who, NHS etc etc) that does not impress on college apps. I once asked a college admin person about a similar society and she said the honor society type things where they are trying to sell you $40 books(who's who, NHS, this one) are just - companies trying to sell you $40 books - and do not impress colleges at all. I even got an invite for one (something to do with women in business) - I have been a stay at home Mom for years.
  • deadimpdeadimp Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    [This may be a late reply, since I found the topic by search]
    I searched on irs.gov in the Charities section, for a name including all the words "national society of high school scholars", and got this as a result:
    National Society of High School Scholars Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	--
    The data is sent via POST, so I can't paste a URL containing the search data, but here's the link to the search page: http://apps.irs.gov/app/pub78.

    But yeah, I was sent an invitiation by them, and I've sent an email to my counselors inquiring about this.
    From what my mother has already advised me on this and what I've read on here, I'll probably refrain from doing anything with this organization (though I'm not going to automatically opt it out).
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