0-6 Pharmacy - debt and other issues

Hi guys! i recently got admitted to all the direct pharmacy schools i applied to (St. John’s, USciences, MCPHS, URI, Findlay) and am having trouble narrowing down my choices. im stuck between URI and the University of Findlay due a numerous amount of reasons.

At URI, my total debt would be 210k, but with their 100% job placement and 76% residency placement rates, i feel like im buying myself a job in a totally saturated job field. I really liked their campus and the student life there as well. When i first found the school i found myself very attached and loved everything about, but my concerns are just being a number if they weed out kids like ive heard at SJU and USci.

However, at Findlay, my total debt would be around 100k since they gave me so much money. The professors seem really involved and care about finding the students a job which is nice, but on campus it seemed very religous which was something i wasnt looking for. In addition, their residency rates are really low because their a new school and i really want to go into research which may be difficult to obtain if i went here.

At the end of the day -Is it worth it to go to a school which would put be in a lot of debt but guarentees me a job in a saturated field? Or should i take the safe path and save as much money as i can?

ahhh anyone??? please? i’ve read other forums and I feel like idk if I should take on more debt with a 47 ranked school or no debt with a no ranked school

No pharmacy school can guarantee you a job or a residency. Unless there is an absolutely compelling reason to go to the more expensive school I would caution you against that extra debt . That is a huge difference .

Did you apply to any instate schools?

@mommdc I sadly did not. My parents really pushed me towards applying out of state to these direct programs, but i’m really regretting it now.

Where are you instate?

From the standpoint of Naplex pass rates, USciences and URI have higher pass rates than U Findlay, St John’s and MCPHS.

I am surprised you didn’t apply to Ohio Northern 0-6, it gives merit and has a very good program.

@mommdc i’m in NC. I was going to apply to Ohio Nothern but heard a lot of people transfer to Findlay because of their professor accessibility. They also went on probation recently, even off of it gave me concerns. Should I attend URI in this case if NAPLEX pass rates are low? Could be low because they accept students with low scores.

I also heard USciences has a high weed out rate for their students… so that was concerning.

URI’s pass rate is a bit higher than Findlay. But not sure if it’s worth that much more money.

Did you apply to UNC CH? Isn’t it one of the top pharmacy programs? As an instate student you have acceptance priority, right?

I think I would stay instate. You don’t need to attend a 0-6 program. I wouldn’t pay more for it. A 2+4 program is fine, you’ll need to do well in either.

It may be too late to apply to UNC CH for me though and I don’t have any other options unless I defer (which i don’t really know how that works in specifics). Should I attend for a year and reapply?

Well, I would take a serious look at your instate options.

It might be too late for UNC CH, but Campbell, and Wingate are good options too.

They might still accept applications for pre-pharmacy.

Check into it.

The OOS options most likely cost more and aren’t better. UNC and Campbell have high Naplex pass rates, and Wingate isn’t bad either.

Who is going to pay the $16,000 per year at Findlay or the $35,000 at URI? Can your parents pay that?
You cannot borrow that much.

What if you change your mind about pharmacy? If you attend a school instate, you might be able to finish pre-pharmacy for much less money, and can still change your mind.

Are you doing well in chemistry and biology in high school?

My D got a job in a pharmacy starting in high school and has been working in a pharmacy every summer since, she is sure that’s what she wants to do for a career.

Looks like UNC has other campuses in Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, etc.

If one of them is close to you, you could do your 2 yr pharmacy prerequisites there and probably save money.

I would give them a call and see if they still accept applications.

@mommdc You’re completely right thank you so much. URI is actually costing me 25k a year, I just added grad school rates as well. I don’t know if 25k is actually a better deal or not but I did consider it pretty good considering their out of state rate is around the mid 40’s.

I really do enjoy pharmacy. I love doing research and want to do development in the government or private sector later in life. I got a perfect score on my chem final and have a 94 in AP Bio at the moment, so I do feel like I enjoy those classes and love being challenged.

That’s good that you enjoy your HS science classes and doing so well.

I really think if you stay instate and do well in your prerequisites, then you should be able to be accepted to UNC or another good pharmacy school, and be able to do research.

You don’t have to have it all planned right now.

@mommdc Thank you for the advice! It helped me so much. I’ll look into Campbell and hopefully take that pathway and try to transfer into UNC!

Any school in NC where you can take your pharmacy prerequisites at an affordable price should be fine to reach your goal.
Do well and take the PCAT, and apply to affordable instate pharmacy schools.