07-08 Acceptance Rates

<p>These are the only ones I know so far…?</p>

<p>2007-2008 Freshman Acceptance Rates
UCD = 12.5 % Acceptance rate
SDSU = 11.4% Acceptance rate
UCSB = 9% Acceptance rate
UCSD = 8% Acceptance rate</p>

<p>Is this right? And if it is… was it always this selective?</p>

<p>Uhh I think you might have the acceptance rate and the target class size mixed up. Most of the UCs have like a 50% acceptance rate. Even though they are only aiming for a class size a fraction of that. They do this because they assume people apply to multiple UCs.</p>

<p>Yeah those aren't acceptance rates desksocks. We're talking about Ivy Leagues when it comes down to 8-12%.</p>

<p>Ohhhh, ok, gotcha. I was a tad confused for a bit. Thanks GlueEater and someguy1337. :)</p>

<p>For the record, just take the acceptance rates of the class of 07, then add 3-6%. For Example, Davis's acceptance rate last year was something like
58%, and this year it was around 52%. It is not a drastic change, but thats a whole lot of disapointed students who would have got in last year, considering each Uc pools in some 40k applicants.</p>

<p>so are the UCs this year admitting MORE students compared to last year/ less. I heard SD accepted a lot more.</p>

so are the UCs this year admitting MORE students compared to last year/ less


<p>Speculation says no. Due to the governor's budget cuts to UC, it can't meet its student body growth. If anything, they may accept slightly fewer, but most likely not more (unless they are overestimating their yield).</p>

<p>I don't get the difference.</p>

<p>You were part of an exceptionally talented group of over 40,000 applicants from which UC Davis could enroll a freshman class of 5,000.</p>

<p>Isn't 40,000 the number of people that applied this year and only 5000 were accepted? Or is it like 20,000 got accepted but only 5,000 will go?</p>

<p>about 40k applied about 20k accepted 5k class.</p>

<p>Does anyone know when the official acceptance rates for the 07-08 year for the UC's will come out?</p>

<p>Acceptance rates and other information for 07-08 for the campuses can be found at University</a> of California - Admissions . Just select the campus in the menu at the right.</p>

<p>Thanks UCD Admissions. Is there also any information available for the 08-09 acceptance rates yet? If not, when will this publically available?</p>

<p>The 08-09 information most likely won't be avilable until this summer although, I'm sure about the exact timing.</p>