'08-'09 Season

<p>The shows for the season were announced a few weeks so I thought I’d let everyone know what’s going on:</p>

“The Hot L Baltimore” October 3-11 ArtsBank
by Lanford Wilson</p>

<p>“’Tis Pity She’s a Whore” October 31- November 8 ArtsBank
by John Ford</p>

<p>“Little Women” December 5-13 ArtsBank
book Alan Knee; music Jason Howland; lyrics Mindi Dickstein</p>

<p>“Quake” February 16-18, February 13-21 ArtsBank
by Melanie Marnich</p>

<p>“The Cider House Rules, Parts I & II” April 1-5 Merriam
by Peter Parnell</p>

<p>“Little Shop of Horrors” April 20-22, April 26-28 ArtsBank</p>

<p>There will also be a French themed Cabaret in the newly renovated Cabaret Space and John Bucchino’s “It’s Only Life” in April.</p>

<p>The studio series will consist of:</p>

<p>“TinTypes” - November 6-9</p>

<p>“LoneStar” - October 16-19</p>

<p>“Equinox” - April 12-15</p>

<p>“Eleemosynary” - February 19-22</p>

<p>“No Exit” - April 16-19</p>

<p>good season, I approve. Especially of the musicals. very nice</p>

<p>do freshman get to audition the first year?</p>

<p>First semester freshmen are invited to audition in September at the auditions for replacements for the fall shows but can not get roles. It's just for the experience. Then in late November - early December, freshmen must audition for the spring shows and can get roles.</p>

<p>I was doing about 8 shows a year before I came to school and I thought my life would be empty without doing an actual musical or play. You are going to be so busy you won't even realize you're not doing a show. :) Plus, the semesters go by so much faster than high school, it's ridiculous.</p>

<p>I know, I'm not worried about being busy.
I really like the shows for the first semester, I'm disappointed that I'm not going to be able to be in them.
But I'm sure I'll still be soaking in the city I won't even notice. : )
But Michael, what do you mean that freshmen audition for replacements?</p>

<p>Auditions for the fall shows occur in the prior spring. For various reasons, someone who is cast may no longer be in a position to fill the role after the summer. So replacement auditions are held in September. Freshmen are invited - but not required- to participate in these auditions for the experience of the audition process only.</p>

<p>ah, I see.
Is there any way that a freshman could be cast as a replacement?
Could the fact that I'm a transfer help?
(I know I'm just grasping at straws)</p>

<p>If you are taking freshman Acting Studio and Voice for MT classes, I doubt the rules would be different for you even if you have academic credits that exempt you from some L.A. classes. But as McDuckee advised, you will be so busy immersing yourself in the the program and everything else that Phila has to offer, the first semester will fly by and you won't be bored for a second. Where are you transferring from?</p>

<p>My son was VERY excited when he saw the upcoming season. He especially got a kick out of seeing Eleemosynary. For his UMinnesota audition, they asked them to prepare a 3rd piece. It was supposed to be a character for which you would never be cast, but would love to play. My son pieced together a monologue from the 12 year old girl in the spelling bee from this play. It was a riot. A week from today we will be there for a visit and we can't wait!!</p>

<p>to clarify...</p>

<p>freshmen can get cast as replacement roles in the fall, but it is not that common....first of all, there are not usually that many roles available because most people cast do return to school. This past fall, there were 2 roles that needed to be replaced. One was given to a sophomore musical theater girl and one was given to a transfer (freshman/sophomore) boy....but there were freshmen called back for both of those roles in the replacement auditions, they just decided to give it to older students.</p>

<p>my freshman year, there were no replacement auditions....there was one minor role in one of the musicals that needed to be replaced, but the runner-up for the part had not been cast, so the director snatched him without requiring him to re-audition or anything. it really varies from year-to-year. obviously i have no idea what will happen this upcoming year.</p>

<p>there are plenty of performance opps, but it's fine to not be cast. I was cast last semester and I'm not cast this semester. I find myself somehow more busy this semester even though i don't have a show! it's very intense, and of course I love being in shows, but we are here to focus on the training....and as nice as it is to be in a show, it's better first semester freshman year to not be cast because it's so intense and new</p>

<p>I'm transferring from Cal State Fullerton</p>

<p>BroadWayWannabe - Thanks for the clarification. I mistakenly understood it differently.</p>

<p>Yeah, I wouldn't say it's impossible for a freshman to be cast as a replacement. I was called back for a replacement part last semester. I didn't get the part, but that shows that it's not like they won't consider freshmen.</p>

<p>Cool, that's nice to know. : )</p>