09 honors students, post your screen names!

<p>Hey guys, the purpose of this thread is two-fold. I wanted to get to know some of the '09 honors students ahead of time since I figure we'll be seeing enough of each other next year. Also, I was wondering if I got to know someone hear and wanted to room with them next year, if I would be able to request to room with them. Does uMich allow that?</p>

<p>My AIM is chibearsfan17 by the way</p>

<p>yes, you are allowed to request rooms, just make sure that the person who you're rooming with got into the same college/dorm. (well, i guess we're all honors so that doesnt matter)</p>

<p>hey man...i'm kb54010...but I'm in the RC...so I'm housing there..srry</p>

<p>Skittles, what is your screen name? i almost remember you posting it on another thread but I'm not sure.</p>

<p>i like to pretend that i no longer have a screen name--i deleted aim to keep me from slacking off during ap time. :-)</p>

<p>Wow, that takes quite a bit of discipline. I still hold the record as being the kid who's taking 9 AP tests in one year but never did a homework assignment where he WASN'T simultaneously talking on AIM. I'm just way too ADD for your setup.</p>

<p>wowww 9 aps--which ones are you taking?<br>
well, even though it seems like i have a lot of discipline in deleting aim i've barely studied for any of my 7 aps (or rather, the teachers are still having us do pointless busiwork that's having an adverse effect on my ap preparation)--and they're starting a week from now. sorta in a panic mode right now.</p>