09 pre-frosh group?

<p>Hey, does anybody know if we are going to have a yahoo group similar to what Harvard pre-frosh had last year?</p>

<p>The guy who has done in for the last 4 years, Sergey Trishin, is graduating this year. I suspect he'll want to pass the torch.</p>

<p>sure. if no one gets one started by that time we can start one</p>

<p>hah nice! i actually found the website, harvard09.com, and it looks very similar to harvard08.com, so maybe he (they?) are actually doing something for us again! :) who is that guy anyway?</p>

<p>Sergey is a senior living in Eliot House. He has made this a very serious effort. He has lots of great Harvard photos on his site, many gathered from social events he has organized for freshmen over the last few years. He also hosts a site for foreigners only, which I think is where his real agenda lies.</p>

<p>Hey, I have done more browsing at harvard09.com (and even more so at harvard08.com) - there's so much stuff in there! Like there is an entire gallery of freshman dorms photos, and also just like PSedrishMD mentioned, lots of photos from frosh get-togethers. There is also a whole bunch of other stuff, so definitely check it out! Also, looks like last year's discussion group he organized had over 600 people - it would be awesome if we could have this many (once we get in, that is - good luck! :)</p>

<p>i was looking at dorm pics/descriptions this morning. have you all started the essays for the other schools you're applying to? i thought the common app was going to make it easy to apply to Yale, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins until i realized that supplements have essays on them, too! i'm NOT happy about that.</p>

<p>oh man...harvard07/harvard08.com is pretty depressing...hah I know that Harvard is a community filled with brilliant minds...but I don't think I saw a single athlete in those pictures...especially from the asians</p>

<p>Lots of athletes in the '07 group.</p>

<p>whew...i guess those pictures aren't representations for the entire 07 class</p>

<p>hello kids, aforementioned sergey here :) interesting to read about myself, hehe, glad one of you brought it to my attenton. there WILL be a group organized for you this year - the frosh from my yahoo group '08 are working on it right now. bookmark harvard09.com, and come back to you once you receive your decision letters - we will post a link to the group there. for now, you can just browse my site for frosh dorms galleries, harvard photos and college stories. and for those of you still applying, there is some application-related stuff there, too.</p>

<p>ah yeah, also note that the yahoo group is for ALL students, not just internationals (I did it for internationals in 06 and 07, but last year it was extended to all incoming frosh, and we had over 670 people in the group). </p>

<p>anyone with <em>burning</em> questions can write to me, although i don't guarantee timely responses - senior year is a pretty busy time! </p>

<p>good luck with your applications, and hope to see many of you at the pre-frosh weekend in april! :)</p>

<p>Sergey '05

You are welcome to post here.</p>