1.3 GPA at 6wks...erp!

<p>I really aint sure how it happened...but I guess after being sick for a few days, track, and other stuff life just seemed to have hit the FF button. Sure, I new I had a F in APStats, but I was surprised on some of the other classes. I think it may be pretty close to a 2.0 now since I made up a test for econ but it is far from satisfactory.</p>

<p>Realistically speaking, what can I expect to be able to do by the end of senior year? Particularly for AP stats. I've gotten some help, but really am not feeling it. Folks sure ain't happy about it, with good reason. But with them always lecturing and checking in its pretty stressful. Anyone been this far behind have any suggestions? I am a bit overwhelmed but am trying to tackle things bit by bit</p>

<p>Oh, and got to touch the Asian stereotype note. The athletics office lady sure looked surprised when I came through the door. My parents made me quit track which really sucks as I loved being out there and it kept me going every day. To sum it all up, one girl I know said"I can't imagine Joe failing." to which I responded, "Yeah, I can't imagine Joe failing either".</p>

<p>I'm in the exact same situation. Except I'm white, and my parents haven't made me quit lacrosse [yet].</p>

<p>Yeah, I got pretty sick week before break and got some competitions and missed ~2 more weeks of school so now I have B- in 5 of my classes, which are all the "important" ones like math.</p>

<p>I guess we should try to do all the E.C. we can and work 5 hours a night to carefully complete all hw and study assiduously for tests and quizzes.</p>

<p>Hopefully I can pull off straight 100%'s from now on in each assignment and if my grade is still not an A, try to talk the teacher into doing make-ups.</p>

<p>just study ur butt off, try to take advantage of the e.c.'s and youll get back on track in due time before its all over</p>