1 Match, 1 Safety, and a bunch of Reaches

<p>Would you advise against doing this? My safety I know I will be in for sure and even my match, my GC says I'm in for sure now with my ACT score. Ever since i've started to think about college, I was always set on going to my safety. Most, if not all, of my reaches were always dreams but I may have a chance at now. Is it necessary for me to be considering more matches or safeties?</p>

<p>No, if you are 100% sure you'll get into the safety, 100% sure it's affordable and would be happy to attend, every other school can be a reach.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks. And yeah its a public state school so it will be very affordable</p>

<p>you can always transfer out to one of those reaches</p>

<p>^not true. transferring isnt always a guarantee nor the best idea</p>

<p>" you can always transfer out to one of those reaches "</p>

<p>I'd rather just go for these reaches haha. That seems a bit risky</p>