1 week and a day

<p>Sat scores - the hated, most life-based point value ever - are coming out next Thursday. I can't wait anymore...i think i got a really low score</p>

<p>but can someone calculate for math (-4) none omitted...
reading -7(none omitted)
writing -3, 7 essay</p>

<p>If the curve for math is similar to January 2006, you'll get 730. Writing will be around 710 (er, judgin g by my -1+8 essay = 750), and I can't tell you about CR.</p>

<p>noldo.. or anyone else.. could you please estimate my score
4CR wrong...4 omitted
1 math grid in wrong..1 mult.choice wrong
2 writing wrong .... 10 essay</p>