1 Week to buy all my xmas gifts...

<p>Ok so break time yay! Now I have 1 week to buy all my xmas gifts! Anyone have any advice? Any good discounts/ deals out there??</p>

<p>Today is free shipping day for about 2300 online merchants!</p>

<p>If you find something you really want to get, before you pay for it, google the site name and "coupon code". Sometimes you can get quite a bit off:)</p>

<p>Amazon! :D If you get student prime you can get stuff in 2 days too!</p>

<p>So I found a ton of places have free shipping and I googled and found great coupon codes. This site studentrate had cash back deals and showed lastest promotions. So I used the codes and skipped the cash back. Also some others sites out there showed promo codes and cash back. I wasn't sure how that worked so I didn't bother registering. Anyone ever use a site to get cash back? Amazon Prime saved me so much. I'm almost done. Thank you online shopping! haha</p>