1-Year transfer advice (independent student)

Hello, everybody first-time poster here, glad to be here! :smile:
I am stuck in a hard place, but I’m hoping you guys can grant me some clarity.

I am recent highschool graduate from NorCal committed to Portland state for the fall.
My dream school has ALWAYS been UC Berkeley, I even volunteered there and shadowed an intership there during highschool. I poured my heart into my app but was rejected, I am assuming because I accidentally labeled my APUSH course as a world his (so basically, the same class twice)), and “didnt meet the A-G reqs.” Amongst other factors.

I quickly appealed and tried to convey my continued interest, I was elated when I was given WAITLIST status. However, I waited from may to july on the waitlist and was rejected due to class size. EVEN, if i was accepted, due to the housing crisis, I could not attend CAL because I was kicked out for being queer by my foster family last spring. On campus housing is a NEED for me bcus of my circumstances and my advisor said they could not have accomadated me anyways. :frowning:

I wish I had the luxury of CCC but I do not, I am attending PSU due to the amazing housing, however I do not want to stay there. I wish I wasn’t independent.

Do you think it’s possible for me to complete 90-q credits ((junior level) and apply to cal as a transfer for next year? All I ever wanted was to go to CAL and I believe if I put my heart into it, I can get there. I’m trying to transfer asap.

Any and all advice welcome, sorry for the rant, I’ve had a heavy heart about this.
Thank you <3

Do you have any AP/IB credit that can be used for your transfer requirements?
Are you taking any classes this summer session?
Have you planned out which courses at PSU are UC transferable and will fulfill the transfer course requirements for UCB?

CA CCC transfer get priority and OOS transfer applicants have the lowest priority.

  1. Yes, I do have AP credits I plan to use
  2. I am taking summer courses
  3. I understand OOS don’t have high chances, however, I have no means of living at home anymore and attend CA CCC, it breaks my heart but thats just the cards I was dealt.

Thank you for these questions, it’s giving me a lot to think about!