1-Year Transfer Chancing

I just submitted my UC app a few days ago, and was looking for someone to chance me. I’m applying Fall ‘23 at UC Davis for Environmental Science.
I graduated from High School in June (‘22), but due to a lot of AP credits I’ll have all my major prep done by Spring ‘23. As of now I have 14 units on my community college transcript, and a 4.0 GPA. I’m taking 21 units this quarter, and I’m on track for a 3.9 GPA minimum.
Summer ‘22

  • Comm1
  • Math1B
  • Photo 7

Fall ‘22
-Geology 10

Winter ‘23
-Econ 2

Spring ‘23

I’m mostly worried that the UCs will think my application is too “thin”, and that my course-load won’t be able to compensate for only having 6 months of extracurriculars in my 6 month college career.
Do I stand even a remote chance? Or should I be more heavily preparing to wait it out another year?

Have you looked up the admit GPA range and rate for UC Davis Environmental Science transfers?

Your GPA is above the Transfer admit range for 2021 admits for all the Environmental Science majors listed: Transfers by major | University of California

GPA and completing the required transfer courses are far more important than EC’s in the Transfer application review. I would say you have a very good chance at an acceptance.

Best of luck and if you have any specific questions about the Environmental Science program, my older son was a graduate of UC Davis’ ESM program.

Hi Gumbymom!

So it wouldn’t be an issue that on the date I submitted my application, I only had three classes on my transcript?

Priority is given to applicants that have the majority of the transfer course requirements especially Math and English completed at time of application. So you will be at disadvantage, however you will complete the TAU (Transfer Academic Update) in January which will be helpful with additional classes and grades. You are also applying to a less competitive major. If you were applying for CS/Engineering/Biological sciences then my answer would be different.

I see…hopefully that’s not too much of a disadvantage. I suppose we’ll see in ~5 months! Also, what did your son think of the upper-division ESM professors?

The upper division ESM courses and professors were his favorites. He did research with the Restoration Ecology professor and the Fisheries professor at UCD.

There are so many options and tracks for ESM that you can really hone in on your interests.

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That’s good to know, I was actually thinking of taking the ecology track! Thank you for all your help!