1-Year UC Transfer Chancing

I’m applying to nearly all the UCs this year. However, of course, my dream school is UC Berkeley and UCLA.
I’m a one-year transfer student at a CCC with my intended major being Political Science.

So far, I have a 4.0 GPA. My planned schedules are as follows:
Fall 2021
-Poli Sci 2
-Math 54
-Art History 1
-Art History 2

Winter 2022
-Poli Sci 1
-Poli Sci 7
-Geography 101
-History 107
-Korean 1

Spring 2022
-Eng 2
-Poli Sci 51
-Econ 1
-Urban 8
-Biology 3
-Huma 26

I also was able to gain about six credits because of the AP Exams for AP Language and Composition and AP European History.
By Spring 2022, I will have completed all IGETC courses and get all the major requirements finished.
On the January grade update, I will be able to submit grades for seven classes.

What in your ideas, are my rough chances in transferring to a top UC as a one-year transfer?

Do you have any CC classes with grades to report on your UC application besides the courses on the TAU? So you will have all major prep completed by Spring 2022? How much major prep in-progress at time of application?

Will you have 60 semester equivalent units?

No, I will not have any CC classes with grades to report on the UC app besides the TAU. Yes, I will have all major prep completed by Spring 2022, most done by Winter.

Yes, by Spring 2022.

UC’s use your UC transfer GPA at time of application for admission decisions so if you do not have any CC courses and grades to report or the bare minimum, it will be a huge issue. Your TAU is an update but these course grades will not factor into the UC transfer GPA for admission purposes.



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I did not know that TAU grades don’t contribute :frowning: @Gumbymom my daughter is going to be so bummed when I tell her as she is also a 1 year cc transfer and unfortunately got two B’s while in high school taking college courses. The grades for her 7 AP classes don’t count. She also received two As over summer and 1 A in a first 8 week fall course, so at time of admission GPA is around 3.5 but she is on track for straight A’s this fall which would put her up to a 3.8. She is in the TAP program. Any thoughts on chance into UCI and UCLA Psychology, she has so many credits at this point another year doesn’t make sense at CC. Sucks because she is such an amazing student, and really two B’s shouldn’t be a big deal but it’s so competitive.

Completing the courses with good grades on the TAU will definitely help along with TAP, but it may come down to which courses that will be in-progress during the Spring. How many are major prep or required GE’s?

Best of luck to your D and hopefully good news will come her way in April.

If you have any more questions regarding your D’s application, you should start a new discussion since any answers should be directed to the Original poster only.


Thank you @gumbymom all prerequisites are complete and all igetc. She is just taking two more honors courses to complete TAP and premed classes in case she wants to go to med school, Chem 2, bio 81H, Psyc 3H

Good luck @cinnamon22 that is a robust schedule and I hope your hard work and planning pays off!

Correction at UCI she applied to psychological science which has a lower transfer GPA and higher acceptance rate along with no pre-requs required. So we hope that is a good back up given UCLA psychology is so impacted and competitive. Sorry I haven’t started a new thread.

@Gumbymom Sorry !! I totally mis-read this. I meant yes, I will have 5 courses (5 grades) to report on the UC app besides the TAU (the fall 2021 semester). I’m also taking 5 classes in the winter, and by the winter update TAU I will have finished all of my major prep requirements. I’ll have about 38.3 units by the time I update my TAU. The only thing left to do in the spring will be the rest of the IGETC electives I need to do.

Sorry about that! Totally misread the question. I hope this at least changes my situation a little better.

Having some grades to report on your application will help but still having around 22 units left for Spring is going to be tough. Worst case scenario, you will have to wait another year to transfer or consider Spring admits at the few campuses that offer it.

I’m planned to take around 15 units (5 classes) during Spring 2022 and 2 courses during the winter semester. It’s a bit confusing because I’m taking 5 classes in the first winter intersession (Dec-Jan) specifically ones that end in early January so that I can squeeze them into the TAU. The second winter intersession (at another college) goes from late January-Feb/Early march, which will give me time to complete that!
Hopefully this doesn’t look too bad!
I’ll have about 38 units done by TAU and 8 units in the second winter intersession that I’m signed up for, and then 15 units to complete by Spring. Worst case scenario probably yes, but does this look viable?

Thanks so much again!

Looks like a tough schedule. Best of luck and why are you rushing this transfer?


I think she’s defs in good positioning. If she has a job/internship and club leadership I think she could be a solid competitor.

I’m doing something super similar – 23 units fall, 10 intersession, 27 right now during spring. 4.0 gpa, philosophy major.

Yeah, I did the same thing. My CC is a semester system school: I had 30 units from AP/dual enrollment, 11 units in the summer, 21 units in the fall, and currently taking 23 units this spring. In total, I’ll have about 80 semester units/120 quarter units with a 4.0.

Full time Summer school is the most essential part of the 30 unit requirement before the September 1 application. My sons had the GPA & the 60 units but were short 2 of the 30 before the application and got waitlisted instead of tag at ucsb. They were offered winter quarter after appealing when they did not clear waitlist.

depending on the reviewer of your application I think. I still got an acceptance with only 23 units done by Sep. 1

hope everything worked out for your son!