10 credits vs 12 credits UF

I am currently attending UF. I have 3 semesters left of classes and only 32 hours needed to complete my major. So I was thinking I could take two semesters of 10 credits and 1 with 12 but I wanted to know how much would I lose in financial aid if I go down to 10 credits as its not full time?

You would go from full aid@ 12 credits to 75% aid at10 credits. If you are getting full pell going down to 10 credits will cost you $1400

What kind of aid are you getting now? Which programs and amounts? 10 credits is 3/4 time. The best place to ask is the school finaid office. My son didn’t need the credits for graduation but took 12 and 13 his last 2 semesters to be full time. You could take an extra class each semester just to explore areas outside your major that you are interested in.

Being less than full-time also would impact your parents ability to claim you as a qualifying child dependent on their federal taxes which would also impact them claiming the American Opportunity Credit if they are doing so.

In our state you have to take 12 credits I think to keep your aid.

is the tuition significantly cheaper for 10 credits versus 12?

Would it change my loans though? Or just the pell grant? @sybbie719

It is going to change any and all of the aid that you are entitled to; grants, loans-and scholarships (if any). Check the policy at your school as there will be some scholarships that you will not be able to receive if you are not attending school as a full time student

I have a novel idea, could you do 16 credits a semester and graduate a semester early? How much would that save?

Why not take 16 credits each semester and finish off your degree in two semesters, if cost is an issue?

@ucbalumnus, great minds think alike

My major coursework classes are not available for me to take in two semesters. I would just like to know how much would I lose out on if I took 10 hours…grants, loans and all.

Best place to ask is your school’s FA office.

If you don’t have one already, might be a good idea to get an on-campus job, since you have extra time if you take less credits.