10 days to go

<p>In three hours, we will be in the single digits for knowing the next four years of our lives. Any thoughts? Personally, im really nervous, but I do have the scores and all to get in.... but with the college admissions process, you just never know..........:(</p>

<p>It seems so unreal that sometime during the next ten days, I will be getting an envelope from Georgetown that will make me REALLY emotional either way.</p>

<p>oh my god. don't remind me. i am terrified.</p>

<p>same here.....</p>

<p>what are you people doing if you get in?</p>

<p>me: no idea, yet</p>

<p>I'm really scared. I won't send out my other apps if I get in. I'm expecting to find my envelope in the mail early next week. This week is going to cause me a lot of anxiety.</p>

<p>good luck guys...kind of makes me wish I was applying EA so I would know my results sooner!</p>

<p>yeah, but i wish they would just reject people that they would reject anyway! if you get deferred when there is a rejection option, at least you know you're still in the game, and if you're rejected, at least its over and you can move on.
but for those that will be getting deferred (possibly myself included), it'll just be waiting till april and not knowing whether they totally are not being considered or what...</p>