10 min. between classes?

<p>I have three classes back to back, for two days out of the week. (or that's how my schedule is planned, for now.)</p>

<p>There are 10 minutes between each class. Will this be a problem??</p>

<p>as in.. do many professors end a few minutes late, etc.?</p>

<p>ouch. even if they do let out on time that won't be fun</p>

<p>Most professors start and end on time, but they don't care if you slip in a bit late and you won't miss anything more than some paper shuffling and some throat clearing. Just figure out where the nearest eatery is on campus and grab something, like a La Prima croissant and coffee, to keep you fed until class is over.</p>

<p>This semester, I had five back-to-back classes on monday, wednesday and friday. Two of those were two-hour classes. I made it through just fine. :)</p>

<p>I did this first semester. You're fine.</p>