10 month tuition payment plan offered ??

<p>Is there anyone out there that has used this plan? Has it been a good legitimate experience? We also want to use the credit card option to gain airline miles....do they have an extra hidden charge for this? We are trying to get them on the phone...but wanted to throw this out to the forum. Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>I used it last year. It was pretty good, we only paid extra $60 for enrollment. If you're tight on money right now, it's a pretty good option to choose to pay for school -- spreading it over few months.</p>

<p>I chose the option that automatically deducts from my parent's bank acc monthly, so im not sure about the credit card option.</p>

<p>Are you allowed to use a CC? I read somewhere that they didn't want to because it costs them a lot of money based on cc fees.</p>

<p>We've used the plan each year and it has made all the difference in our ability to pay. I also don't think they allow credit cards, it's linked to a checking account. For a $60 a year fee, it's worth it for us.</p>

<p>Actually the cost is $55 this year and they do allow credit cards....I just want to make sure that an extra large hidden fee isn't tacked on for credit card useage. It would be so good to use a credit card that also gets us Delta miles since we are OOS and Delta runs a direct flight.</p>

<p>can anyone give more information on this payment plan? it sounds like something I could really use.</p>

<p>Go to the Umich.edu website and search for "payment plan" and you should be able to get all the information you need. </p>

<p>I was talking with friends this weekend and they did say that the payment plan does allow for credit cards, but it has a 3% processing fee attached to it in addition to the $55 enrollment fee.</p>

<p>Thanks hopeful....that is the hidden cost I was looking for. I wonder, 3% of what and when each month or total. To omgitsang: We learned about it at orientation and it was in very small print on the brochure the Financial Aid Dept gave us. It also turns out that the deadline for sign up was June 25th and you have to start making payments in July - May. Double check on that deadline before giving up....it really seems like a great thing to do for just $55 a year. We may forget about the cc idea and just pay via auto withdrawl or by check payment.</p>

<p>They always extend the deadline...we have missed it before and looks like we did again.</p>

<p>Just found out don't do the cc option. They charge additional 3% ech month per charge....definately not worth it..go with the echeck or auto pay version. It starts in July - May...10 months.......good luck!</p>