10 Steps To A Successful MBA Application

"1. Building your profile

This takes place over six to 36 months.

This step includes various aspects that contribute to the strength of your candidacy as an MBA applicant. These include academics, leadership, teamwork, and career progression.

As an example, this may include your decision to participate in the social impact club at your college. For purposes of business school applications, decisions you make after high school tend to have the greatest relevance.

This is not to say that your journey before that does not count, but only to say that post high school is generally considered the most important time frame for most applicants. This is the time when you make decisions most actively, as an adult." …


Not the best summary, but worth a quick read in my opinion.

Points 4, 6, 7, & 8 are related and important. These points are:

  1. establishing career goals;

  2. Introspection;

  3. Preparing a one-page resume;

  4. Writing your application essays.

P.S. The advice given is a bit outdated with respect to the importance of, and necessity for, GMAT & GRE scores. The University of Virginia Darden School of Business is leading the way of creating test optional admissions among the top MBA programs. (Some MBA programs require one to apply for a test (GMAT / GRE) waiver.)