100 meter times

<p>With a 10.95 junior year FAT 100 time, which ivy schools would be interested in my son for their track teams?</p>

<p>If your son has excellent SATs and SAT IIs, GPA, as well as the 10.95 FAT 100m time, my guess is that he would be highly desired at all the Ivies. If you check the individual school's athletic sites (men's track rosters or results) for the best 100m times for this season, you can get an idea of the teams' needs.</p>

<p>Great track talent is a good "hook", but the tracksters still need competitive scores for admissions to declare the final say. </p>

<p>(Come on over to Athletic Recruit thread--lots of Ivy track parent-experts there!)</p>

<p>And check the high school PRs of the current team members.</p>

<p>10.95 is very good, but I would guess he would probably still need to meet the academic standards of the schools to be accepted. THere were 2 or 3 kids at my school who could run that or slightly better. None are going to Ivy's, though one is headed to Northwestern( not for track). Again, I'm hardly an expert.</p>

<p>Looking briefly at the rosters and PR's a 10.95 is probably pretty close to getting your application flagged by the track coach at just about any Ivy.</p>

<p>To put it in perspective, a 10.95 was the fifth place time at the 2010 Ivy championships in May 2010. That would have earned the school 2 points.</p>

<p>You might like to look at this link for northeast times in the 100m:</p>

<p>TFRRS</a> | NEICAAA Outdoor Performance List</p>

<p>According to the national hs track recruiting site, a 10.45 for a male would classify him as a Tier 1 recruit (for Div.I)</p>