100% rejection from UNC?

<p>Sophomore transfer
Current School: University of Arizona
college gpa: 3.41
HS GPA(competitive prep school): 3.18
ACT: 27</p>

<p>very good ECs</p>


<p>Low chances, if you can keep your gpa for another year and maybe raise it then you have a much better chance. Your high school record will hurt you.</p>

<p>so just try to keep it above a 3.4?</p>

<p>Well I mean, there's really no set GPA or anything.. but with a 3.4 I'd say you are at least competitive ya know. It is not guranteed and you could get rejected, but you also have a chance at being accepted. Just do what you can to increase your chances.</p>

<p>Sophmore transfer
school: college of charleston
college gpa: 3.55, will increase after this semester
hs gpa: 4.3
college ecs: college dance team ( d1 athletic), honors college, work for the math department
hs ecs: editor of school newspaper, honors society, student coucnil, lots of journalism awards, scholar athlete award of senior class, two part time jobs, a bunch of other stuff...
act: 31, sat: 1310 </p>

<p>thoughts?? i feel like im goin get rejected</p>

<p>also... it didnt say we should get a rec... it only said that for freshman, did you get one?</p>

<p>thanks for jackin my thread</p>


<p>do you know when about well find out?</p>

<p>april 21st i believe</p>