100 Year Anniversary of Harvard Business School

<p>I was having a discussion with a friend on HBS's 100th anniversary and I was wondering if someone could settle a question which came up. I thought than in HBS's history Jeffrey Skilling (Enron)was the graduate who destroyed the most shareholder value of a publicly traded company and my friend insists that it would be Ric Waggoner(GM)? </p>

<p>Also, for value creation I insisted it was Meg Whitman of E-Bay while he insists it was Peter McColoough of Xerox?</p>

<p>Could someone knowlegeable please enlighten us? Who is right?</p>

<p>Trivial points, but inquiring minds want to know.</p>

<p>Given the current economic calamity and the resulting huge loss of stockholder value across the entire market, I'd say the HBS graduate who destroyed the most shareholder value is George W. Bush.</p>

<p>Good point.</p>

<p>don't know about the first one, but i do believe you are right on the second one, i will go with meg whitman, peter mccoloough tho he did lead company go thorugh some R&D but personally i still thinks that more like a passion driven thing, after they made the alto then they start thinking the value for cie.... I don't know</p>

<p>that just me.</p>