1000th Post!

<p>Just for the heck of it... :D</p>

<p>(In the CC Top Universities Forum)</p>

<p>PS- The Georgetown section has the second most posts (after Stanford) and the third most threads (after Stanford and Michigan, respectively). We should be proud! :)</p>

<p>or scared that we all are so obsessed</p>

<p>^_^.. Obsessed? Never!! <em>hides away the thousand posts he made about Georgetown on the old forum</em>.. <em>whistle</em></p>


<p>600th post in the Georgetown forum! :D</p>

<p>Still the second most posts behind Stanford!</p>

<p>come on, we can kick Stanford's butt if we put our minds to it</p>

<p>OK I'm on it. :)</p>

<p>...all we need to do is double our posts, so everyone just has to post twice as much per day, and then we've got it!</p>

<p>As of right now, Georgetown accounts for about 8% of all threads in the Top Universities forum, and for about 13% of all posts.</p>

<p>That's a fair amount, actually</p>

<p>Hoyas either are very dedicated or have no life</p>

<p>i say dedicated!</p>

<p>700 posts and counting...</p>