1098-T confusing, maybe someone could help ?

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>I have always done our taxes myself and this is the first year I deal with education credits. College never sent us 1098-T (am I right to be surprised ?), when my son retrieved it, it was presented in Word and gave amount billed in the amount of 26,000 in box 2. Also, he receives scholarships and grants in the amount of 16,000 for a school year and this amount is in box 5. Which means those amounts reflect the full cost of college including room, board and all fees. Box 2 is empty - no amount. Looks like his cost of education for 2011 was over 40 K, which in reality it's a cost for the full academic year. Also, how do I figure out how much I paid for tuition so I can claim it for my taxes ?
I am in shock. I expected the form that would show amounts for 2012. According to this document we are not eligible for any credit. Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do now ?</p>