1098-T Tax confusion!

<p>Hello. I have some questions about the 1098-T and taxes! Woohoo!</p>

<p>I am doing my 2012 Taxes on H&R Block. In 2012, I was in college full-time in the spring and I guess it would be "half-time" in the summer.</p>

<p>My 1098-T says:
Box 1 (Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses): $0 (it's blank!)
Box 2 (Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses): $2,642.00</p>

<p>Everything else is blank until:
Box 5 (Scholarships or grants): $8,485.00
Everything else is blank except:
Box 8 (Check if at least half-time student): Checked off (aka yes!)</p>

<p>I checked out my 2011-2012 Academic Year Financial Aid from my college.
For JUST Spring 2012, it reads:</p>

<p>Federal Work Study-- $900
Federal Pell Grant-- $2,775.00
Fed Supp Educ Opp Grant-- $200.00
(College Name Here) Grant-- $4,210.00
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan-- $1,524.00
Residence Hall Waiver-- $2,653.00 (I was a Resident Assistant so they paid for my room)</p>

<p>My RA job Res Hall Waiver is NOT seen as a scholarship or grant.
Term Totals: $12,262.00 For Spring 2012 </p>

<p>I also went to my 2012-2013 Academic Year Financial Aid Info from my college.
I took summer courses.
For Summer 2012 it says:</p>

<p>Summer Pell Grant-- $1,300.00
BBAY Fed Dir Sub Loan Smr-- $3,645.00
Term Totals: $4,945.00 For Summer 2012</p>

<p>H&R Block asks me the following:
Tuition and fees from Form 1098-T
Tuition and fees from 1098-T box 1 (For this I put $0)
Tuition and fees from 1098-T box 2 (For this I put $2,642)</p>

<p>Now tell us these amounts, if any, paid in 2012. Include amounts paid:
With your money
With grants and loans
From any other source</p>

<p>Tuition and fees. Refer to the amounts above and tell us how much was actually paid in 2012. (For this I put $16,307--the amount of my grants & scholarships & loans)
Course materials required to be paid to the school as a condition of enrollment ($0)<br>
Other course materials ($60--I paid for books)</p>

<p>Can I put the $16,307????</p>

<p>On the next page H&R Block asks all about my loans ($5,169), my own money ($60), my Grants & Scholarships fromt he 1098-T (already filled in with $8,485), etc.</p>

<p>It also has "Others Funds" as an option, where I put $2,653 because that is how much my "Residence Hall Waiver Form" for my board is. However, I've been enlightened that this probably shouldn't be there and I should deduct it from the $16,307 and therefore also erase it from the "Other Funds" spot, too?</p>

<p>I just want to know if I'm doing it correctly. Is it wrong??</p>

<p>More information on when the money was accredited to my account to pay for my tuition and fees:</p>

(College Name Here) Grant of $4,210: 01/16/2012
Federal Pell Grant of $2775: 01/16/2012
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan of $1517: 01/16/2012
Fed Supp Educ Opp Grant of $200: 01/16/2012
BBAY Fed Dir Sub Loan Smr of $3,609: 08/12/2012
Summer Pell Grant of $1,300: 10/22/2012</p>

Registration Fee for Summer 2012 Classes of $45: 04/05/2012
Fee for Summer 2012 Class of $1,484: 04/05/2012
Fee for other Summer 2012 Class of $1,113: 05/10/2012</p>

<p>Then is says I made a payment of $298 on 03/13/2012.
I believe this was for library fines, and possibly a </p>

<p>Other Payments:
OIT Fee for $107: 12/13/2011
Base Room Fee of $2,536: 12/12/2011
Double As Single Surcharge of $300: 12/12/2011
→ These were all part of my RA benefits. Although $2,653 isn’t quite right according to these numbers, but these were all waived due to my job and they aren’t tax-deductible anyway. </p>

The $16,307? It’s actually going to become $13,654.</p>

<p>Sorry for the confusion.</p>

<p>Hi Treebark7, see IRS.GOV, look for pub 970 for your answer.</p>