10th Dec ACT scores for International students

<p>Did any intl student get their score? If so, post the scores here!</p>

<p>I didn't get my scores yet! :(</p>

<p>Why are they taking so long :(
What are you expecting?</p>

<p>Apparently international scores can take up to two weeks longer :( and I'm expecting the worst... Had a bad feeling about every section apart from English... What are you expecting?</p>

<p>By the way, do you know how to check if your status says 'registered' or 'tested'? cause i can't figure it out for the life of me</p>

<p>Oh really? ..two weeks? I mean on the website , it is clearly mentioned that
scores for both the US and international students will be released beginning
27th Dec?
Math and English went well. Science was okish. Reading was hard :(</p>

<p>I am getting 'registered'. Go to ' Your Test Date and Scores' and check the status</p>

<p>i took mine in HK and it was released at the same time as everyone else. I thought I failed the reading and the essay, but I ended up doing okay so I am really happy!</p>

<p>Oh really? . What were your scores? Can you please
list them along with the breakdown so we can have an idea of
the curve</p>

<p>english: 33 (17/16)
math: 36 (18/18/18)
reading: 31 (17/14)
science: 36</p>

<p>haha Arsenal4vr you did MUCH better than okay :P </p>

<p>Those are excellent scores! Congrats :D</p>

<p>I still can't find out if I'm registered or tested yet -___- </p>

<p>No wonder I think I did so bad -.-</p>

<p>Yes, awesome job! ..I dont know why arent they
releasing our scores :(</p>

<p>Well the reason I said two weeks is because it says on the site that certain scores (in which international is one of them) may take longer to post - possibly up to 1.5 / 2 weeks

<p>As a first-time international junior:</p>

<p>Composite: 35</p>

<p>Reading: 36
Science: 36
English: 33
Math: 34</p>

<p>Essay not yet reported</p>

<p>I literally screamed when I saw my score, I was so surprised. So d*** happy- no more standardized testing for me (excluding SAT II's)!!</p>

<p>NO SAT/ACT's hanging over me unlike my other junior friends who are just starting...SO SO SO SO SO happy!!!</p>

<p>Good luck to all who have yet to get their scores (or just their writing scores, like me)! I've been talking to some of you since that Saturday, and I know you're all smart cookies- and I think the curve was nice to us :D</p>

<p>@mikm77 awesome! ..when did you get your scores, btw?</p>

<p>@mikm77 ..i didnot get my scores yet :( ..what do you think the curves were?</p>

<p>Where are our scores????????? ahhhhhhh :(</p>

<p>SO ANNOYING !!!!</p>

<p>I got those scores on the first possible day, Dec. 27th- I was a lucky one :)</p>

<p>I really have no idea what the curves were, but here's what my subsection scores indicated:</p>

<p>English: -3=33
Math= -5=34</p>

<p>Got perfect scores for Reading/Science so no clues there....I felt pretty confident about both of those sections, but I know I missed at least 3 on math, so the curve must have been pretty generous.</p>

<p>First time taking the ACT - so when I log in to my account on actstudent.org it says that I am still registered. Are the scores available when it says tested? Or is there another step after tested?</p>