10th grade boy

<p>I am an international 9th grade boy and I attend Cranbrook Schools, a private boarding school in Michigan. I was wondering the chances upon switching to a different boarding school for 10th grade next year. First off, does the fact that I already attend a boarding school help my admission toward another, or does it make it worse? The main reason for my desire to switch school is because of financial situation. I am already getting about 15% of my tuition paid that is set to renew yearly without any increase in the amount of aid. But this amount is not enough to represent the demonstrated need for my family. Can you name me some schools with good financial aid program even for international ones? </p>

<p>Thank you</p>


The real issue here is NOT whether you have a good chance of being admitted elsewhere, but whether you have a good chance of being awarded a better FA package elsewhere.</p>

<p>U.S. boarding schools generally expect int’l students to be full pay to offset the cost of providing FA to domestic students. </p>

<p>Unless another school is truly need-blind (and I can only think of one school that is), and/or unless you have a significant “hook” (e.g. athletic recruit, exceptional talent, under-represented nationality, URM, or compelling life story), the chances of you landing substantially more FA as an international student are slim.</p>