10th grader here, wants to know chances of GWU, Miami, and BU

<p>Hello, my name is Tyler and I am in 10th grade and I am from New York. I take school work very seriously and I really want to become a doctor. My dream school is GWU b/c I love the feeling of the city life and the political background. Anyway I would just like to know and would highly appreciate it if someone could tell me my possible chances of getting in GWU, Miami, or BU so far.</p>

<p>9th Grade
GPA - 3.8 unweighted so far
High Honor Roll all 4 quarters
Biology Honors (94) on Regent, Global History Honors, Science Rsch. Skills honors, all other classes non honors
SAT II Bio E - 560 (plan to retake in AP Bio in 12th grade)</p>

<p>10th Grade (expected)
GPA - 3.7 unweighted
Taking Chemistry Honors, AP Euro. (doing good so far), Science Rsch. Skills Honors and again all regular classes</p>

<p>I also am captain of my JV lacrosse team and I am now in clubs like YPA, Mercy Medical Explorers, and Leadership Council</p>

<p>I also took the PSATs yesturday and I think I did alright on it, the math was very easy. Please respond it is highly appreciated.</p>