11:59 November 1st Due Date EA/ED

<p>Can someone actually confirm that November 1st 11:59 PM is the due date? Like in the fine print somewhere?</p>

<p>What are you looking for? Of course it’s November 1, 2010. Once it’s 12:00 AM, its November 2nd.</p>

<p>I don’t understand your question…</p>

<p>If the due date is November 1, then it is, in fact, due on November 1. No fine print is really necessary</p>

<p>Sorry, I probably should have phrased it this way:</p>

<p>Is it for sure that the EA/ED apps are due ON nov1 not before</p>

<p>People say it’s due ON Nov 1st, but I wouldn’t risk it.</p>

<p>when you apply on commonapp
it says “on or before november 1st”</p>

<p>so I CAN send it til tomorrow?? No need to send it tonite? Are you guys sure?
I was about to create the same thread, cuz I’m so nervous but I really want to leave my essay sit for another night to edit it again tomorrow, but I need to be sure I can send it tomorrow.</p>

<p>There are a lot of these threads tonight. But yes, you can send it tomorrow</p>

<p>really?? oh i just don’t want anything to go wrong…
I know I shouldn’t trust anonymous people on CC on something so important, but I’m gonna trust you guys because today is a very bright day and I don’t want to sent my application while a bit dizzy.</p>

<p>i’m with lennin
this is making me a bit nervous but i really need fresh eyes tomorrow to edit</p>

<p>Anybody know how long it takes for the submission to actually go through? I’m plan on submitting by 6pm or so tomorrow at the latest…</p>

<p>The actual submission is basically instant; the problem that you might have is if you go to submit it and everyone else is trying to as well, and it overloads the servers temporarily. But at 6pm, you should definitely be fine. It’s more for people planning to submit at around 11…like me :)</p>

<p>the deadline of 11:59 pm is with respect to which timezone, the common app user, the residence of common app servers, or the school that is receiving this junk?</p>

<p>I think I saw that it us the school’s time zone. if true, common app should make this clear, maybe with a link or ref to the school’s time/deadline. it is a computer so it s/ have this info, and s/ be able to get this interpretation across all this guessing and gnashing of teeth.</p>

<p>But like geek mom said it CA is still acceptin’ , then it is probably acceptable. Just it would be nice to know how much time is really left.</p>

<p>WHICH TIMEZONE?! i just submitted my stanford from the west coast, and it says its late even though its only 948 pm here</p>

<p>^It should be Pacific time for Stanford.</p>

<p>[Application</a> Deadlines & Fees : Stanford University](<a href=“http://www.stanford.edu/dept/uga/application/deadlines/index.html]Application”>http://www.stanford.edu/dept/uga/application/deadlines/index.html)
“All deadlines are midnight Pacific Time of the electronic submission or postmark dates listed above”</p>

<p>we have an interesting, if ironic, wrinkle in a <em>common</em> app that is not so common after all. The same common app used for different schools can be late for one school and not late for another - theoretically.</p>