11 essay and 660 Math ????????

<p>I got above 2300 for both Jan and March test but the essay were not good (under 8) so I re-take the May test. </p>

<p>When other people got their score last Thursday 5/20, I didn't, so I called CB and they told me there were something wrong with me test I had to wait for one more week. Today, I got it --- I'm happy with the 11 at essay but very upset about 660 for Math (I got 790 & 800 for previous two tests). CB told me they can do hand scoring but I need to pay extra $50.</p>

<p>I already sighed up to send 4 colleges my May score and CB said they can't cancel it. I'm so upset ....... How college will look at this? From 790, 800 to 660 ? I'm thinking about engineering major, math is so important to me.</p>

<p>What should I do now? Does anyone has similar experience ?</p>

<p>What were your previous break down scores? </p>

<p>Maybe retake once more in June? See what happens.</p>