'11... how old are you?

<p>Im getting the impression that many people from the class of 2011 are going to be pretty young... Im currently 18 and will be 19 by the time I enter college.</p>

<p>17 now and 18 by the time I enter college</p>

<p>I am 17 .</p>

<p>Hehe... 16, will be 17 going into college...</p>

<p>17...will be 18 when i enter college</p>

<p>16... 17 in 3 days</p>

<li> 17 when i enter college. 18 during winter break freshman year.</li>

<p>16..............17 in May.</p>

<p>Same as me! Did you skip a grade or start early?</p>

<p>Skipped a grade,6th:)</p>

<p>16, will be 17 in June, skipped 2nd grade</p>

<p>Lucky :D I just started going to school early... I guess you could say that I skipped Kindergarten xD</p>

<p>16 now, 17 in december</p>

<p>16, 17 next summer.</p>

<p>17, 18 next May</p>

<p>17, 18 in May.</p>

<p>17, 18 next september... yea ill b 17 going into freshman year and no i didnt skip ne grades, just have a late bday</p>

<p>I'll be 20 when I start university. Damn, I'm old! But, I did take a year off to study in Europe :)</p>

<p>16 now , 17 in nov</p>

<p>17...turning 18 next September.</p>