11pm theory is wrong...

<p>as you may have noticed by my posting in the other thread i called it a night at 11:30 or so.</p>

<p>but i decided to throw down one last check before bedtime, and was greeted with the elusive cursive letters of joy. 12:01 was my official check time:</p>

<p>and for those wondering, my stats : </p>

<p>uc gpa 3.79,
sat 1960
sat 2: 720/710
major, economics
staus: admitted</p>

<p>good luck to the rest of you.</p>

<p>Congratulations! Maybe tomorrow the hopefuls should check consistently for an hour then. The theory should possibly be extended to "updated sometime between 11 PM and midnight" -- my check time was around 11:30, but I don't know when it would've been updated.</p>

<p>can some1 post a screenshot? i wanna c what an admitted page looks like</p>

<p>the admitted page is topped by fancy cursive letters that will make your insides jump a little when you see them first.
and yes i'd say anytime in between 11 and 12 perhaps...really who knows.</p>

<p><a href="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/sudowoodo/UCIacceptance.png%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/sudowoodo/UCIacceptance.png&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Looks like that when you log in.</p>

<p>It's definately around 11 to 12 pm..i checked at 11:21 pm..got nothing..then checked around 20 minutes later, at 11:45pm..and i got admitted for comp engi</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>Give or take all admissions won't be released at the same time. It's more of a window of time rather than a point.</p>

<p>u guys think theyll release any more today?</p>

<p>No one can really say. </p>

<p>Just try to get some sleep and check tommorow. These late night admissions website sessions usually don't yield any productive results.</p>

<p>thx for the ss. pretty cool :)</p>

<p>nothing.....im out</p>

<p>so if the acceptance page is greeted by cursive letters, then what does teh rejection page look like?</p>

<p>Ya.. I checked my application status at exactly 10:17 pm and I was admitted....don't think the 11pm thing works (oh and I had checked earlier that day)</p>