12/12 Essay Format

<p>I used 2 examples, no conclusion, and got a 12.</p>

<p>I wrote a full two pages, used one example from history/one from literature, and used some big words :D.</p>

<p>Uhmm I basically used 1 example which took up about 3/4 of my essay and a little small paragraph as another example. I pretty much rewrote my in-class essay I did the day before because the novel fit the prompt lol.</p>

<p>yay for 12's</p>

<p>Its weird how I always got a 9 (did SAT twice!)
and its pathetic how I ace AP english! and essay competitions!</p>

<p>I wrote an intro, then I wrote one body paragraph that said what was wrong with the other viewpoint. I then wrote another body paragraph with a literary example. I might have written another body paragraph with a personal example, but I don't remember. Then I wrote a conclusion. </p>

<p>I got an 11, but I think it was because of an underdeveloped conclusion, because I ran out of time. Looking back, I kind of wish that I chose the opposite viewpoint than the one I chose.</p>

<p>seriously, if you are able to make your point well you will get a 11+ on the essay. i took the sat as a 13 year old in eighth grade on jan 06 and got an 11 using what i had learned in 7th grade - i wrote about marie curie and chris columbus (thought it was really elementary info i gave but i devoted a paragraph to them each) regarding discoveries and whether or not they come by chance or due to hard work. i obviously chose the later, didn't even refer to any literature but i knew my examples very well .. i had read marie curie's biography (written by eve curie, i believe) and columbus - haha lets just say my info was basic but i used all i learned regarding him in 7th grade history class.</p>

<p>come now, if a middle school student can get an 11 on the essay, i beg you to just write like good writers - succinctly, effectively & using lots of evidence. these guidelines never grow old.</p>

<p>Moodrets, how did you develop your point if you didn't use examples? Did you just use logic/reasoning?</p>

<p>I totally agree with you on anecdotes - how does giving 2-3 examples prove a point? SAT essays are pretty silly.</p>

<p>I keep getting 10's, I dnt know why it wont go up to an 11 or 12, maybe handwriting?</p>