12/12 Essay Format

<p>Ideally, your writing essay will have 20 sentences divided as below. Keep in mind that tructure and organization are crucial to scoring well, so stick to the format.</p>

<p>Paragraph 1: Introduction
1: The question: "<a href="copy%20question%20here">i</a>" suggests that <a href="state%20what%20the%20question%20means%20to%20you">i</a>.
2: In other words, <a href="go%20to%20the%20quote%20in%20the%20boxed%20area,%20and%20rephrase%20at%20least%20one%20option">i</a>.
3: In my opinion, <a href="state%20your%20position">i</a>
4: Throughout society and in life, the evidence to support my view point is persvasive.
(^^yes leave it like that^^)</p>

<p>Paragrpah 2: Example 1
1: Use an example here. Include:
- Transition word (example: 'For example' and 'Consider the case')
- Who, what, where, when
2: Background (of example)
3: More Detail
4: Link. Link your example back to the question. Without this, your essay may get a 0. ):</p>

<p>Paragraph 3: Example 2
1: Use an example here. Include:
- Transition word (example: 'For example' and 'Consider the case')
- Who, what, where, when
2: Background (of example)
3: More Detail
4: Link. Link your example back to the question. Without this, your essay may get a 0. ):</p>

<p>Paragraph 4: Example 3
1: Use an example here. Include:
- Transition word (example: 'For example' and 'Consider the case')
- Who, what, where, when
2: Background (of example)
3: More Detail
4: Link. Link your example back to the question. Without this, your essay may get a 0. ):</p>

<p>Paragraph 5: Conclusion
1: Clearly, the examples above show that <a href="rephrase%20your%20position%20on%20the%20issue%20using%20different%20words%20than%20before">i</a>*.
2: Revisit an example from above.
3: Revisit another example from above.
4: MAJOR LINK! Make the rule seem crucial to the existence of life as we know it.</p>

<p>I'll repeat this once more, without the links in your example paragraphs (2 - 4) and conclusion, your essay might get a zero. </p>

<p>I hope this helps everyone.
Credit Goes to:
"testmasters preparation for The New SAT Course Manual"</p>

<p>My only problem is that I never get to finish the essay by 25 minutes so I do 2 example paragraphs which lowers my score down by 3 or 4. :&lt;/p>

<p>The amount of examples doesn't matter. I, personally, would do just 2 examples. It's the quality and quantity of the writing that really matters, not the amount of examples. If you can fill up both pages with an essay that pertains to the prompt and has little grammatical errors and lots of big words, then a 10 is almost guaranteed.</p>

<p>^^ That's pretty much the formula to a 10+ regardless of how robotic it sounds.</p>

<p>meh. I blame the book. >__>
Some girl named Sarah got 12/12 from the first time and she used this format.
that's the reason. xP</p>

<p>This looks way too simple to be a 12/12 essay format... I mean.. if it was just that easy everyone would be getting 12s... maybe sarah is just good at writing. I think there is more to it than just a simple format. Btw, I also read testmasters' book but didn't help much.. Aren't they known only for LSAT??</p>

<p>ugh... I've tried testmaster before and got an 8. I'm not sure if is because too many people tried this same pattern and ETS figured that out or it just simply doesn't work. I took SAT twice and got a 10 and then 8 (yeah, how ironic.. ), now I'm trying to take the 3rd time, and hoping that I can get more than 10.</p>

<p>4 sentence body paragraphs?
no way.</p>

<p>@Bebe: Nope. They have all of the SATs
@Jenny: First time I took it, I think I scored around a 1600.
After training, I scored less. It happens. :\
@Timmy: Dead serious. 20 sentences in total. Didn't believe it at first either. V_V;;;</p>

<p>I'm just taking a nickname out of your usernames, if you don't like the name, pm me or something. >___>;;</p>

<p>edit: In fact, I just submitted a test online not to long ago. I used this essay format but with only 2 examples, I got an 8. V_V;;
Boo. D:</p>

<p>Are you talking about the CB essay grader?
I've already proven that the score is based on length</p>

<p>I think we should dig out more good examples from history or human development~
- -! I always find it very difficult to come about examples,which havn't been uesd many times~</p>

<p>12/12 format? what a joke.. trust me, it takes a lot more than that to get a 12 - btw, I got 12s on my SATs.</p>

<p>i'm willing to bet that i can follow the format and not get a 12 and conversely, not follow the format and get a 12. there are no formulas to getting a 12 (except for length, and even that is arguable).</p>

<p>"For example" is a weak phrase, and a 5-paragraph formula often shows that the writer isn't capable of creativity. There's no such thing as a 12/12 essay formula.</p>

<p>The testmasters format only guarantees a 10.</p>

<p>I usually only use 2 examples if its a topic that i'm not that comfortable with. However, if i can easily create 3 examples, i use 3.</p>

<p>fwiw, the night before i took SAT, i studied this format, memorized it, and did a few practice essays... used it on SAT and got an 11 (left about 4 lines at the end of my essay)
following the format essentially guarantees using up the whole 2 pages; all that is really needed is the ability to come up with good examples fast... I've seen that most people here use only 2 examples but I think using 3 is a good way to get length a little easier, without having to go as much in depth (and possibly reiterating points)</p>

<p>Mm, 3 supporting paragraphs aren't necessary.
I did 1 intro, 2 supporting details, and 1 conclusion, and received a score of 12.
I feel that the intro is really important to the overall feeling of the essay and if you're intro/theses aren't that great, try to come with a lot of different intro's for random prompts.</p>

<p>Also, it helps to say in the conclusion a counterargument to you own thesis, but then later, disprove this counterargument to further strengthen your own opinion.</p>

<p>I used two examples and got a 12.</p>

<p>You don't necessarily need 3 examples. I always used 2 examples on practice tests and on the Jan SAT (my first and only one), and I got a 12. What matters is that you show insightful understanding of the examples you choose and valid, thoughtful interpretations of the question. Length and intelligent language can also help, as they hint at some mastery of English conventions. That or CB graders just add a point for every big word xD.</p>

<p>Here's the format I used. It's not a format I specifically intended to use; it's just how it ended up shaking out. I'll post the exact essay up when CB releases it to me.</p>

<p>1) Statement of thesis, with qualifications on its extent and defining of the parameters of the argument</p>

<p>2) Historical Example</p>

<p>3) A Personal Anecdote connected with 2</p>

<p>4) A generalization of the ramifications of conclusions reached in 2 & 3, and how they apply to different people</p>

<p>I... really didn't use any examples, and I got an 11. Didn't know we were supposed to use examples, lol (really, since when are anecdotes worth ****, anyway?). I made a few other errors and I attribute my less-than-perfect score to those, but the key here is that you don't actually need examples, lol.</p>

<p>edit: Oh, and mine was baaarely over a page, I think, so I dunno about any magic length formula either. I write in rather large font, too...</p>