12,752 Applications Received | 2,531 Admitted (19.8%)

First of all, to avoid confusion (cough, “Wesleyan’s Test Optional Policy and Statistics on It’s Website”), let’s just call this the Red Carpet version of the Class of 2024. Stay tuned for the After Party version usually published in early August after months of jockeying financial aid offers, WL openings, and after all the gift bags have disappeared. Significantly, this will be the first admissions cycle in perhaps twenty years to end without a Wesfest:

The After Party version is up! Looks like a reasonable level of summer melt (total acceptance rate crept up to 21%) in view of a summer long wave of waitlist adjustments up and down the prestige college food chain. To my thoroughly un-trained eye it even appears that Wesleyan may have over-accepted by twenty or thirty people.

But, most importantly, the overwhelming majority of them appear to be headed for Middletown by the end of this week: