12 units?

<p>i've been debating taking 12 units this semester to take it easy. im transferring as a sophomore and i'm planning on rushing, finding a job, and joining clubs and what not..just getting used to usc.</p>

<p>is 12 units like ridiculously low though? i took 16 both semesters at my last school and that kept me pretty busy. what do you think?</p>

<p>oh and i have units to spare, so graduating on time is not an issue</p>

<p>This is like asking our opinion of you spending $1.80 for something worth $1.20.</p>

<p>lol What dt123 said, but increase the amount to the thousands. Regardless of how many units you take, you're still paying for 18 units if you're going full-time. Why not just do the extra research to find some laid-back classes / professors, take an elective? Better than wasting about $8,000 of your money... But if you can make it rain, it's your money haha.</p>

<p>Truthfully, the only people I know who are taking 12 units are seniors who are only doing the last few classes they need or people who dropped classes (though they started with 16, then dropped a class and ended up with 12). Pretty much everyone I know who rushed was able to do so with 16-18 units, many who also had jobs. So truthfully, I'd take at least 16, and the worst that'll happen is that you drop one class. But I wouldn't "plan" for 12 just simply for the money issues that others have brought up.</p>

<p>If you're really concerned, you could always take 12 units for a grade, and then 1 elective credit/no credit so that you don't have to worry too much.</p>

<p>thanks for the answers looks like i'll be taking 16 units haha.<br>
i didn't realize we pay for 18 units no matter what. :( that sucks! especially because, since most of the classes are 4 units, where the heck am i gunna find a 2 unit class? i'll probably end up taking a physed class haha oh well :)</p>

<p>thanks again :)</p>

<p>sclove99, when you go to orientation (assuming you're going), they'll tell you about the 2-unit freshman seminars that USC strongly encourages freshman to sign up for. Lots of great options/subjects to explore for fun, just for freshman.</p>


<p>thanks for the suggestion, but i'm gunna be a sophomore transfer
that sounds like a great option though, sucks that i missed out on the freshman experience at usc :(</p>

<p>Here's a list of some 'courses of interest' which include a lot of two-unit courses. Good luck!</p>

<p>Schedule</a> of Classes: Fall 2010: Courses of Interest</p>

<p>I recommend that everyone should take Improv and Theater Games: THTR 122. You kind find it easily on the Schedule of Classes. If you have 2 units, and want an easy A... It's the only class that I left smiling from every time. I had Julie Welch.</p>

<p>thanks red that was very helpful! :)</p>

<p>and phydent,
i was looking at that class actually. is it a lot of improv? cuz i have like MAJOR stage fright lol so i'd probably freeze up like every other minute haha</p>

<p>Well, what you do in the class is pretty much all improv. But everyone is doing it, and pretty much every time there's other people doing it with you. I have, or maybe had, stage fright, but it's a small class and you get to know everyone and every one is supportive. </p>

<p>If you're planning on rushing, etc. and jumping into life at USC and everything it has to offer, than you seem confident enough to handle improv, and it will only help your confidence and meet new people :)</p>