12 year old at Caltech?

<p>Sorry, this is my first post. I'm a parent & hope I'm not breaking protocol by posting this in a forum for students. Here's my question...</p>

<p>There is a 6th grader in my son's school in Dallas whose family relocated to California over the summer. My son tells me that this 6th grader got admitted to Caltech, will complete high-school credits for a year at Caltech and then study Biomed as a junior.</p>

<p>I know this 6th grader who should now be in 7th grade. Great, bright kid but not exactly MENSA genuis material.</p>

<p>Does Caltech have some special accelerated K-12 program that I'm unaware of?</p>

<p>There's no accelerated program. There's some 12 year old who has been going to chem classes (chem1ab and orgo i think) and turning in sets. The profs generally just grade everything so he might get credit but he isn't enrolled at all.</p>