1296 ACT for 2014-15 Tests

<p>all the posts on college confidential about how much 1296 helps for the actual test were from 2010, 2011ish. does anyone know if the 1296 helps for more current tests? (i heard the act tests got a lot harder the last couple of years)</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>yes, they are harder, according to me. however, the pr 1296 is way harder than the real test either way. i got 30s and 31s on it, until the real test, wherein i got a 33 on it. some of it has to do with whether or not you get lucky with the questions, so i guess my results are a bit inconclusive</p>

<p>@IAmTheGOAT‌ most of my practice tests for the most recent exam were through PR’s 1296. I felt a little uneasy with my scores on them 27ish, but felt like the real test was a bit harder, especially in science and reading. I’m hoping I’m wrong here I really need this score…</p>

<p>Ill admit that this october test was the hardest ive ever taken. I feel like ill be lucky if I even dont drop, but hen again, I was feeling a 32 on he real test last time realistically, but got a 33 albeit a 32.5, but it rounds up and I got 35 in math and english, supposedly the most important subjects</p>