13” 15” or 16” laptop

Hi, i will be going to college in a few months and i need a laptop and im determined to go for a MBP (so dont try to convince me to buy another one) i wanted to go for the 15” (although i am afraid that it would be too big??) so but now the 16” has arrived its just as big as the 15” but with smaller, same price but the 15” will probably drop in price, it has better specs and battery life. Im just afraid of the size, i find the 13 inch really really small so i think the 16 inch will be better but i dont know how it will be in college, any advice?

It’s pretty subjective, but my college age kids got 13" Macbooks and use an external keyboard and monitor in their rooms. Get one you’re comfortable using but remember you’ll be carrying it around a lot.

To me, the only difference is if you have a numbers keypad on the right. I like that, but it’s not worth the extra size, to me.

I’m surprised how easy it is to do everything on a tablet.

My older sister got a 13 inch laptop and she used has used it for 3 years so far. She said having a big laptop isn’t good because college seat tables aren’t that big.

I got a 13" Dell XPS for my son when he went off to college for portability and lightness. After a year, however, he switched to a 12" iPad Pro. He said it made his college life a lot easier.

14” has been great for my D. She’s glad she doesn’t have the 15” that her sister just got. Weight and portability seem to be much more important that screen size. Unless you’re a graphic arts major, I suppose.