13 Marine officers (2 former USNA Football players) in cheating scandal

<p>13</a> officers fired in cheating scandal - MarineCorpsTimes.com</p>

<p>Officials declined to release the names of the Marines who were discharged, but former Naval Academy fullback 2nd Lt. Adam Ballard told Marine Corps Times that he is one of the 13. He said the problem is more widespread than the Corps wants people to believe, but that officials found only one answer key, so they didn’t have enough evidence to separate other lieutenants.</p>

<p>Although Ballard plans to fight the ruling, he also admitted he has been talking to the NFL about going pro.</p>

<p>“Everyone has character flaws. I’m not saying what I did was right or should go without punishment,” Ballard said. “I did have a moment of weakness, but I guess I’m facing the consequences of that.”</p>

<p>A source with knowledge of academics at the academy said the former star player finished his four years despite several failed classes and at least one honor code violation — claims Ballard does not deny. He says he sometimes struggled to balance the rigors of academy academics against the demanding schedule of a varsity athlete, adding that the honor code violation was later dropped.</p>

<p>Beat Army!</p>

<p>And it goes on and on. D1 at USNA is becoming a joke even for graduates of the program. "Several failed classes and at least one honor code violation". How do you think the regular Mid who is forced to attend the games and is charged for their seats feels? They do everything correctly and get "fried" for some stupid violation.</p>

<p>GO NAVY! Beat Coast Guard? :confused: :eek::cool::p</p>